New Led NanoCurve solution, in the form of wave and pixel pitch of 6.6 mm, is the centerpiece audiovisual of the strategy of promoting tourism and leisure activities in Australia from the Airport Authority's airport with more transit of the northern territory.

NanoLumens NanoCurve Darwin airport

The Darwin international airport is regarded as the gate input to the northern territory of Australia, among the top ten in the country and the most used by tourists who choose it as a holiday destination and transit for Asia. Precisely to strengthen and promote tourism, the port authority decided to renew its image with an audiovisual system unique and characteristic of the zone to welcome the passengers.

The central proposal of this project is called 'The Wave', a sinuous digital canvas Led in the form of wave created by the American manufacturer NanoLumens, with a pixel pitch of 6.6 mm. based on your solution NanoCurve.

NanoLumens NanoCurve Darwin airport

This undulating audiovisual solution, with a size of 4, 3 × 1, 4 meters, is located in the Hall's collection of luggage in the airport arrivals area, to capture the attention of the passengers while waiting with high-definition video content on the main attractions tourist and leisure in the region.

Thus designates it Ginny Sanders, responsible for communications and media of Northern Territory airports: "we are delighted with the impact that 'The Wave' created at the airport, which represents the important role which makes this port Center as input Chief of tourism to this area and the possibilities and expectations which offers to the visitors from the moment of his arrival in the country".

NanoLumens NanoCurve Darwin airport

In addition, 'The Wave' has also opened new opportunities of business revenue for the port authority, since "allows us to offer solutions and advertising promotions that are not available elsewhere in Darwin, with the creation of a web site's" ads that is truly unique,"said Sanders.

The solution created by NanoLumens was recommended by the audiovisual consulting and digital media specializes in high-resolution Digital Solutions Place Led systems)DPS) with the aim of offering travelers an innovative and attractive region proposal since they arrived.

As explains Gerry Thorley, director of DPS, "concept came from the hand of the consultant Jeremy Corfield airport, partner of IPC, a digital independent advisor for such facilities, as part of a plan to upgrade the digital signage in the" Airport of Darwin, I wanted to include a display of impact in the baggage claim area to promote tourism in the city and the region, and provide an attractive waiting and useful to passengers in the baggage claim area".

NanoLumens NanoCurve Darwin airport

In this sense, Thorley highlights that the best solution to do this was that offered NanoLumens, "their brightness, depth and image quality by both its ability to offer a screen design in the form of soft wave, in line with the concept that was imposing airport for tourist promotion and image. Another fundamental aspect that was their lower weight (less than 160 Kg) for a screen this size and design."

NanoCurve is a Led light and flexible solution that NanoLumens offers the customer the possibility to create the desired visual format without losing image quality. "In addition, another fundamental aspect has been its interoperability and integration with our management system of contents of all airport and the positive experience of the consulting firm CPI with systems of this manufacturer in other markets", specifies the Head of DPS.

NanoLumens NanoCurve Darwin airport

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By • 8 Jan, 2016
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising