The opening of this center dedicated to the figure of the first President of the Russian Federation and to the historical events of the Decade of the 90 account with the latest presentation technology techniques, as a great curve Led display, a room audiovisual immersive, interactive and tactile panels and next-generation audio systems.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

Opened on November 25, 2015, the Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin dedicated to the figure of the first President of the Russian Federation, who headed the State when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, and the profound changes of the 1990s, it is a modern cultural and social facility.

Located in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg), the most populous of the Federal District of Ural and Sverdlovsk oblast, this center houses a museum dedicated to the former President Boris Yeltsin, an exhibition area, an educational center and a Library, a children's area, a conference room and an area for holding events.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

The project has taken about three years to become a reality, mainly in terms of the development of all aspects of production design and multimedia content from the Centre and the museum dedicated to the figure of the former President, made by the producers Person Films and sister company Twitch Post.

The inauguration was attended by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin; his Prime Minister, Dimitri Mevdévev, the widow of Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsina, and a broad political, business and cultural representation of the country.

As a contractor and designer of this project, Ralph Appelbaum Associates)RAA) commissioned the museographic execution and the technical development of the project Spanish specialist Acciona Productions and Design.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

Exclusive historical content

The Museum exhibition area includes seven themed rooms, which details the history of the first President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin; systems Visual, documentaries, images and other elements the coup d ' état and the beginning of the 1991 reforms that changed the history of the country; the events of October 1993; the war in Chechnya; the presidential election of 1996; the development of the market economy and relationship with the West, until the year 2000.

To obtain this enormous historical documentation, some shared by the Kremlin and the family archive of Yeltsin, the person Films team traveled the world to roll 133 exclusive interviews with political and cultural leaders; perform over one hundred sources of archive footage and produce 163 interactive programs.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

Atrium with curve Led display

To define and Design Center presidential Boris Yeltsin assigned a number of areas, each of which is distinguished by specific technical requirements, functional, technological and aesthetic level which has counted with the work of the Russian system integrator AudioVideoSistemy)Audiosite).

One of the technological innovations of this Center developed by Acciona productions and design is the so-called Atrium, an open space that has a curve Led display (61, 2 × 9, 7 meters and a radius of curvature of 39 m.), which show some of the most significant moments of his political career and staff of Boris Yeltsin.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

To this end have been established six points of video projection, distributed in groups consisting of five model installation projectors Panasonic PT-DS20K, with a brightness of 20,000 lumens each and equipped with lens ET-D75LE6 from this manufacturer, located on the second floor.

This unique facility, currently the permanent diorama in the world projected in a curved system, complemented by mapping 3D effects and the videos are accompanied by a sound system of L-acousticscomposed by PowerMatch PM8500N reinforcement of signature amplifiers Boseto create a background music and play ads on floors 1 and 3 messages.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

The background sound is intended to reproduce the audio track of the video synchronized with the display, as well as in the rest of the areas of the Centre, with each plant independent volume control. The system provides a level of not less than 90 dB sound pressure (with frequency range from 80 Hz - 17 kHz). The PA system has been integrated into the speakers (located in groups of six in the frames surrounding the screen), Bose model.

Each group is composed of a linear series of four L-Acoustics ARCS II and an equal number of subwoofers. Twelve speakers of this model, which is controlled with the LA8 and LA4x from this single source systems have been arranged evenly in the bottom of the screen.

For the realization of cultural events that also take place in this space has been created a mobile scenario, equipped with sound systems as described, as well as stages and Led light sources of Martin Professional Lighting that are managed from the system M2Go and the digital mixing console CL3 of Yamaha.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

Permanent exhibition

Acciona productions and design has been responsible for the technical development and the museographic execution of the permanent exhibition, which occupies a total of 2,300 square metres, distributed in two floors.

Articles and resources on the ground help to contextualise the exhibition on a tour of historical, cultural and political by the Russia of the 20th century, while the first floor is divided into seven rooms, each of which is dedicated to a stage of creation of the Contemporary Russia, which is travels through scenographic recreations reconstructing areas and key moments in the period between 1987 and 1999.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

These recreations of places and historical moments, they include the Politburo - where an image scale of Boris Yeltsin emulates the moment that made his 'secret speech' in the plenum of the Central Committee in October 1987; of a Moscow trolleybuses in 1985 featuring images of the President's children.

A ello se añade también la recreación del salón de un apartamento donde se reproduce la cotidianidad rota el día en el que se produjo el intento de golpe de estado de 1991 contra el presidente Mijaíl Gorbachov; una tienda con los productos de la época o una emisora de radio, en la que los visitantes pueden escuchar los discursos de radio que Yeltsin ofreció durante su segundo mandato, entre octubre de 1996 y agosto de 1998.

Presidential Center and Museum Boris Yeltsin

Finalmente, la ‘Freedom Gallery’ ofrece los testimonios de personalidades y gente de la calle sobre la figura de Boris Yeltsin y la época histórica que protagonizó y da la oportunidad a todos los visitantes de dejar un mensaje sobre la libertad en el sistema interactivo ‘What freedom means to me’.

Las plantas 2 y 3 acogen la galería de exposiciones temporales, en las que se han instalado en torno a una docena de pantallas profesionales en distintos formatos para mostrar vídeos relacionados y aplicaciones interactivas, realizadas por el especialista Cyan para Acciona Producciones y Diseño.

Centro presidencial y museo Boris Yeltsin Panasonic seguridad

Seguridad garantizada

The Center has a system of video surveillance IP camera-based PTZ dome of the Panasonic WV-SC588 model distributed by the entire system, to capture images in high resolution 2.4 megapixel at 30 fps, as well as transmission of video streams multiple h.264/JPEG.

These cameras feature function panoramic 360 ° and tilt from - 25 to 205 °, since these systems rotate 45 ° horizontally eight times, so that the operator can display the same number of thumbnails in a separate window and perform up to 256 preset positions.

The management is done with software that centralizes all cameras PTZ network for viewing images in real time, which are also stored in the device's memory card and a server.

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