Intellivox DS380 column has been the solution chosen in response to problems that had the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Barbastro, a cult of complex architectural and acoustic features enclosure.

JBL Intellivox San Francisco de Asis in Barbastro

The parish of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Barbastro (Huesca) has installed a new sound system, specifically designed for a building of its characteristics. He is a temple of about 40 meters long, with about 15 meters high ribbed vaulted ceilings, marble floors and, practically, has no furniture, which makes the reverberation inside very high.

JBL Intellivox San Francisco de Asis in BarbastroIt is a space in which the word intelligibility has been strongly committed over the years. "The Church did have a distributed audio system consisting of 10 acoustic columns in 100V line, which only provided an acceptable intelligibility in areas that were against them" says Juan Viader, director of scale, company the sound of the Church project manager.

In order to improve and standardize the levels of intelligibility in the entire surface of the temple, was replaced the old scoring system by a new one. Scale and Earpro they studied space and designed a new integrated a solution a soundbox Intellivox DS380 of JBL Professionalthat is installed in one of the side ends of the apse.

JBL Intellivox San Francisco de Asis in BarbastroWith its 20 4 inch speakers designed to measure and its internal amplifier class D of 16 channels, box Intellivox DS380 provides a uniform and clear sound at a distance of up to 45 meters.

"The installation work has been very simple, because replacing the 10 pre-existing columns by a single, it failed to do lack more than a pipe led to the JBL Intellivox DS380, that we've taken the power and signal cables. The result has been a uniformity of the perfect sound pressure. The new system provides an intelligible and powerful sound. In addition, the visual impact of the new installation is minimal, since the column goes practically unnoticed ", explains Juan Viader.

JBL Intellivox San Francisco de Asis in BarbastroThe sound system also incorporates a solution of microphones from Shure made up of 3 microphones gooseneck Centraverse CVG12RS-B/C (located in the pulpit, the altar and the headquarters) and a BLX24RE/SM58 wireless system.

The mixture of these signals is carried out automatically via a mixer Shure SCM820 whose output, along with the musical sources, comes in turn to a BSS BLU50 processor.

This processor has been programmed with 3 different presets to optimize the sound according to different levels of audience to religious services and that the priest may select them using a BSS BLU-3 panel. BSS BLU50 output is that feeds the self-powered column JBL Intellivox DS380, protagonist of this installation.

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By • Mar 4, 2016
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Control