Create a wireless sensor network to transmit information and private data from our body to others with just a handshake is the futuristic technology that the manufacturer has shown in CEATEC JAPAN 2016 with this prototype that uses communication technology electric field.


With a proposal focusing on the Internet of Things (Internet of Things - IoT), the recent celebration of CEATEC Japan 2016 has been the showcase for futuristic technologies and prototypes such as that presented by Panasonic: A system for secure communication of data and private information in the person's body acts as transmitter and receiver WiFi and Bluetooth sensors through.

The objective of this alternative authentication technology data, even at an early stage of development, is to prevent private information intercepted by hackers, especially when wireless connections are used, a secure contact melee, where data They are sent from one to another with a simple handshake, but in this case, very technological and using sensors.


While Panasonic has just provided information on this system and demonstrations during the event were basic (clothes stewardess lit color bracelet carry put the transmitter, see attached video), this prototype uses technology communication electric field to "move sensitive data from object to object, from human to human and human to object" they say.

Data transfer and authentication occurs when objects or people are touched with the digital information stored on a label of origin (in this case bracelet) which is transmitted instantly to a receiver module is through touch, similar NFC technology.


From the company they point out that this system has the potential to transmit information securely without connecting by intruders to be intercepted since the data is sent through the body and not the air.

Applications include, for example, the exchange of contact between business professionals with a handshake when greeting; or as a means of access to a corporate building when the door lock is touched, etc.

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By • 10 Oct, 2016
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