Maassilo, an old barn in the Dutch city of Rotterdam built in 1906, has suffered a deep renovation to be transformed into a modern cultural space, with concert hall and recording studio equipped with Yamaha ProAudio equipment.

The problem of what to do with industrial buildings when they are no longer needed for their original purpose is known by experts in urban planning. But in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Maassilo, more silo grain in Europe with 106 years old, has found a new use as a center of musical and business events. It fell into disuse a decade ago and its size could have been involved that the demolition was the only realistic as possible. However, the authorities of the city of Rotterdam have taken advantage of its size and have transformed it in Maassilo De Nieuwe Oogst, a center of urban culture and entertainment that includes two scenarios for concerts, a recording studio, a lounge-bar, facilities for dance and exhibitions.

Veteran Dutch Edwin Haine, of the company Seeing and Hearing sound, engineer has been responsible for specifications and provision of sound for the new exhibition equipment, choosing the team of Yamaha because of its flexibility, because familiar to many technicians and, as he stated, "I can't remember a moment in which failed with the Yamaha team in the 25 years that I've been working in sound reinforcement." Above all, daily use of these reliable solutions saves us time,"he continues. "Connecting or disconnecting a panel like from the PM5D, with as many inputs and outputs, in seconds continues to surprise a veteran like me! "A power supply, two network cables, and is already".

At the forefront of technology

The facility has a PM5D console three Ethersound cards of MY series for the mixing of the sound of the room, a M7CL-48ES for monitors and three speakers stage SB168-ES. The amplification for the PA system is six amplifiers TX4N and four TX5N from Yamaha, with other eight amplifiers TX4N to feed stage monitors. Also installed for smaller events an LS9-16 mixing console and other acoustic SB168-ES stage box.

Edwin Haine added: "the PM5D chose because it is the standard console for international tours. I decided to install an auxiliary building Ethersound system because it has many advantages, including the fact that allows to use the Yamaha consoles, speakers and amplifiers anywhere in the building. TX5n and TX4n amplifiers are also solid, reliable, compact and have an excellent sound quality. Its integrated programmable processors and their MY card slots make them extremely flexible."

Yamaha Music Europe staff has provided practical training for engineers in the Yamaha team and used the Ethersound network. "I'm really happy with the installation. "I know that the Yamaha team will be very reliable and the versatility of the system has turned to De Nieuwe Oogst in a place already known for a wide variety of entertainment events and business", concluded Haine.

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By • 18 May, 2012
• Section: Audio, Study cases