DLA-VS4500 model uses a 12-bit signal processing, delivers a level of 3,000 lumens brightness and provides a high contrast native, as well as being compatible with multiple video formats and work with a 120 Hz vertical refresh to play a perfect image in movement.

With three D-ILA devices with native 4K resolution (4.096 × 2.160 p and a source laser BLU-Escent), the laser projector DLA-VS4500 of JVC Visual Systems, a division of JVC KenwoodIt is designed for the industry of simulation, where this manufacturer has experienced since the launch of the D-ILA projection technology and customers in this market, as Boeing Company.

Precisely this company has participated in the I/ITSEC 2016 simulation Congress, held recently in Orlando (USA), showing a prototype of 8K D-ILA Projector, JVC plans to offer to the market of simulation in 2019, at his stand and that the manufacturer has presented at the same time the 4K model.

ITSEC stand this provider has made much of the new DL-VS4500 shows and as model DLA-VS2500 using 120 Hz image generators of Rockwell Collins for a simulator helicopter and FlightSafety International for the F35 fighter.

"We are pleased to offer the simulation market new solutions projection 4 K, as the new team with source laser DLA-VS4500 and our DLA-SH7NLG reference model. Its hybrid technology BLU-Escent delivers a long operational life and low costs of operation, something ideal for installations of training with simulators with continuous operating times,"said Ian Scott, vp. JVCKenwood Visual Systems Division.

Laser projector DLA-VS4500 combines a native 4K resolution with BLU-Escent laser lighting system, in response to the demanding requirements of the simulation market. For a signal processing 12-bit, with a level of brightness of 3000 lumens, as well as being compatible with the majority of video formats and work with a 120 Hz vertical refresh to play an optimal image in motion, without artifacts as well as having a wide range of optical fixed and zoom for easy installation.

Match/laser BLU-Escent of JVC technology is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the environment that the projectors that use lighting based on conventional lamps. The DLA-VS4500 model laser source has an estimated operational life of 20,000 hours.

Especially developed for applications of simulation, this projector provides high reliability during long periods of operation, retaining the brightness and Colorimetry stably, as well as providing a high contrast ratio and dynamic range, with a design that can be installed in various positions without performance problems.

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By • 22 Dec, 2016
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