For the second consecutive year go to Fira de Barcelona is where publicizing your solutions for the control of pollution in cities, the efficient management of water, precision, industry 4.0 agriculture and parking, and health. In addition, it displays different initiatives undertaken jointly with its ecosystem of partners.

The Spanish company Libelium has attended the Mobile World Congress)MWC), which is being held in Barcelona until March 2, with its latest technology of sensors for the Internet of things (IoT). This is the second consecutive year that participate with its own stand within the IoT Pavilion which will show the variety of solutions for the control of pollution in cities, the efficient management of water, precision, industry 4.0 agriculture and parking and Bless you.

The novelty presented in this edition is its new platform sensors of IoT, which is certified and offers significant improvements both in Waspmote and Plug & Sense data capture devices!, as in the Meshlium router. The technology of this new generation of products is faster, more precise, saves energy and is compatible with the latest communication protocols and services cloud on the market.

The main novelties include the platform for smart cities, a device that improves the accuracy of the measurement of noise levels and has sensors that control the pollution and the air quality to combat climate change and prevent the impact on the health of the citizens. Libelium has improved the design of sensors in accordance with regulations of control and prevention of noise and environment.

In addition, the Aragonese company shows the latest released to agriculture precision, management of water, smart parking, health, etc.

Joint developments

Five companies, belonging to the ecosystem of partners from Libelium, exposed in the stand solutions that have been developed jointly.

Thingworx Displays a demo implemented in three different areas of Boston (in the Centre of the city, in an industrial area and in a residential neighbourhood) to control and to calculate the air quality index. The platform includes alerts to inform when the quality of the air is reaching levels harmful for health and carry out corrective actions.

Eagle.IO It exposes an intelligent water management solution to improve and simplify remote monitoring of water quality in rivers, seas, lakes or fish farms. The platform enables you to store, visualize in real-time and alert on data series in certain timeframes for each of the connected devices.

For its part, Telit It exhibits a live demonstration of IoT portal and its platform for the Internet of the things industry (IIoT) which will collect data from several sensors Plug & Sense Waspmote platform! from Libelium located in the stand of Telit. These are connected wirelessly to the Meshlium gateway to display data on the platform of Telit in real time.

Rosecroft is a historic building located in San Diego, California. There Total Communicator Solutions has developed a 'living laboratory' with Libelium to control the quality of the air and collect agricultural data and sensors of parking. The company displays data in streaming on the platform of Spark Compass.

Arrow He carried out a simulation of a smart town based on sensors Plug & Sense Waspmote platform! and exposed cases of actual applications that reveal the capabilities of detection and reaction of the platform of the company.

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By • 27 Feb, 2017
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