Art and technology these days at the fair of Barcelona come together to create a dynamic and creative in real-time, composition inspired by the work of the catalan genius and artificial intelligence-based and the Alchemy Language of this advanced system. A unique project in collaboration with SOFTlab New York Design Studio.

The installation to IBM you have created in Mobile World Congress 2017, in collaboration with the Design Studio SOFTlab, not indifferent to anyone visiting this event: a dynamic and ever-changing work that pays homage to Gaudí's work, which has been called 'the first thinking sculpture'.

An interactive sculpture created with the cognitive abilities of Watson after analyzing and visually recognize hundreds of images and documents (visual recognition and alchemylanguage) of the creations of the modernist architect and his creations to detect patterns.

This combination of art, science and technology in the form of sculpture suspended in the ceiling identify features unique and repetitive in Gaudi's work, as forms of hives and shells, color patterns, and mainly provides the sensation of movement characteristic of this artist.

Therefore this unique installation of intelligent and interactive analyses and reacts in real time, with undulations and tall through three different sections, to emotions that dominate the Tweets of the visitors during the event, that they can continue using the Analyzer for Watson ringtones through touch screens installed in the exhibition space of IBM.

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By • 1 Mar, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Display, signs distribution, Events, Augmented reality, Simulation