Led Source Four Series 2 of the multinational lighting ETC cuts have been a cornerstone in the production of 'Synesthesia', a union of colour, music and the senses.

Light, music and color, thus defined is 'Synesthesia' production has been performed at the Juan March Foundation, which has used as a fundamental element for a unique fusion of color with the Source Four LED Series-2 Electronic Theater cuts Control)ETC), distributed by Stonex in the Spanish market, as an artistic tool.

The musicians Pascal Rogé, Eduardo Fernández, Imri Talgam and Alberto Rosado interpreted different authors sinestésicos of the 20th century, as Debussy, Ligeti, Scriabin and Messiaen, accompanied by a spectacle of lights and color. The Foundation Juan March managed to stimulate view accompanying each musical passage of different shades, points of light and shadows, with a wealth of spectacular light.

Thanks to the Color System technology of ETC, covering a tonal range broader than other cuts of the market Led, in this production was the double challenge of stimulating the senses of the spectator, and also adapt the lighting needs to what authors they wanted to transmit their compositions.

Normally the tonal range covering floodlighting RGBW led leaves out the warmer tones and pastel, creating saturations in the majority of the colors, while Source Four Led includes, in addition to the usual RGBW, cyan shades, lime and amber; seven colours which allow eliminating the color saturation and expand its tonal spectrum.

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By • 21 Apr, 2017
• Section: Study cases, illumination