Moosejaw clothing manufacturer has launched an application of augmented reality for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets users see through clothes that arises in its winter catalogue.

There has always been a fantasy to see through clothes with some kind of special glasses. Now, thanks to MoosejawXRAY, aguna is can do. Moosejaw clothing manufacturer has released an app for iPhone, iPad and Android which is based on augmented reality and see beyond the clothes of the models in the catalogues of this signature winter.

The catalogue has two versions, one printed with photographs and models (boys and girls) with clothes Street, and digital, with underwear or swimwear. When you run the application and then position the device above the / catalog model, starts the magic, and if we focus a page specific, we will see the same version of the photo, with a "cool" costume.

This type of applications, augmented reality, are effective and interesting tools to use in marketing products and others.

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By • 14 Nov, 2011
• Section: Augmented reality