The objective was to implement a solution that got that visitors could immerse themselves in the world of the characters in the comic and to experience how they have changed with the passage of time. Therefore implemented an infrastructure that includes everything from audiovisual products to safety, passing through fire alarms, communications, and air conditioning.

Panasonic Comics Station Antwerp

Comics Station Antwerp It is a theme park located in Antwerp has chosen an interactive approach for getting some immortal comics into the 21st century. To do this, he needed the collaboration of a partner who could offer a comprehensive technical solution aimed to create a fully interactive theme park that will captivate future generations of this genre readers, both young and adult. The option was Panasonic.

Panasonic Comics Station Antwerp"We did not desire to become a museum with a retrospective look, but provide a different experience for children, families, and friends. "We wanted to find new forms of entertainment, that our visitors could immerse themselves in the world of the characters in the comic and to experience how they have changed with the passage of time", says Wim Hubrechtsen, CEO and partner of Comics Station Antwerp.

Comics Station Antwerp Panasonic commissioned a comprehensive solution, from audiovisual products to the safety, fire alarms, communications infrastructure and air conditioning. They needed to link all aspects together in a combined network.

Panasonic Comics Station Antwerp"We needed a partner that could offer us something more than a technological solution. We wanted to find the best solution for a highly demanding environment, and our partner should collaborate with us throughout the process. We wanted a single point for all the technology, combined with service and on-site assistance to carry out our project within the deadline".

To respond to these requirements settled 22 projectors laser's and more than 90 screens, both from Panasonic, with functions of superposition of other manufacturers, allowing you to use them as if they touch.

Panasonic Comics Station AntwerpThis choice came motivated by the prestige of the products of the manufacturer and its low maintenance, proven technology and 24/7 guaranteed performance, all of which entailed a low total cost of ownership. In addition, Comics Station Antwerp decided to minimize the risk of suffering downtime periods while maintaining a reserve of replacement products. Thanks to this approach, the possible times of inactivity were reduced to a maximum of 15 minutes.

"The goal was to ensure the continuity of the projections and screens. In addition, and thanks to the fusion of edges of Panasonic software, Comics Station Antwerp failed to create big screens on various surfaces, without overlapping creating a totally immersive visual environment that allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters", adds Hubrechtsen.

Panasonic Comics Station Antwerp

Security and emergency

Parallel to the Visual solutions, Comics Station Antwerp also valued the fact to be able to use the range of Panasonic security solutions.

More than 90 high-range IP cameras, combined with intelligent software, ensure the safety of all visitors. The control room has engravers network of Panasonic, which minimize downtime and allow you to retrieve the images in a quick and simple way. The cameras are combined with motion detection sensors that trigger an alarm if someone unauthorized access to specific areas of the theme park.

Panasonic Comics Station AntwerpThese security solutions have been integrated in the emergency plan developed by Comics Station Antwerp.

CCTV cameras are combined with the installation of a fully functional fire detection, with more 100 system 100 sensors fire throughout the installation. This fire safety solution is connected to the rest of the technological elements of Comics Station Antwerp.

"At the same time that reported an incident, all area security cameras focused on him and help our Security Manager to make the best decision. There is a permanent communication between telephone Panasonic devices present in the plant, General alarms and messages of evacuation shown in professional screens. In addition, security cameras can be a second sweep of the area with its motion detectors and infrared sensors, to ensure that the evacuation is completed", clarifies Hubrechtsen

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By • 7 Jul, 2017
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