With a growth of 4.8% over the previous year, according to the latest annual report from the field of digital content in Spain.

digital contentBilling for digital content industry increased positively - and for the third consecutive year - in the year 2016, 9.834 million euros and an increase of 4.8% as regards the previous year (additional information at) digital AV), audiovisual activities (television and radio) with the head of the business, with 3.753 million euros.

These are some of the data provided by the new edition of the 'annual report of the sector in Spain 2016 digital content', the Ministry of energy, tourism and Digital Agendathe National Observatory of telecommunications and the information society)ONTSI), which manages the public entity Red.es.

digital content ONTSIOther sectors which contributed a positive business activity of the 9.834 million euros invoiced in 2016 have been film and video, with 2.927 million euros, as well as the advertising investment in digital media, with 1,566 million euros, which together to the audiovisual activities cited above, cemented 83.9% of the turnover.

Total companies and professionals from the sector increased by 2016 a 1.8% compared to the previous year, with a total of 39.491 employees, according to the report, which highlights that the turnover of the companies of video games stood at 617 million euros and 9.749 companies becoming one of the industries that has quickly adapted to the electronic distribuión, followed by music and sound, with 164 million.

According to the report, individual consumption of digital content is done primarily through the smartphone (80.9% of Internet users), while access to audiovisual content option is connected television (62%) and laptop (43.8%) .

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By • 29 Dec, 2017
• Section: Studies, Business