World Masters of Projection Mapping already exhibits the works of 3D projection of the five video artists finalists, which can be seen for three weeks in the Dutch capital.

World masters mapping2018 Bas Uterwijk projection

The joint initiative of the Amsterdam Light Festival, Integrated Systems Events and the Convention Center Ámsterdam RAIWorld Masters of Projection Mapping -, began on 14 January the 3D projections of five international video artists, who for three weeks will be in the center of this city, in the façade of the EYE Filmmuseum and, in the last week, in a display of adjacent water.

World Masters of Projection Mapping will culminate on Feb. 8 with the presence of an international jury, followed by a display of awards which will take place on the last day of ISE 2018 (February 9) in the Ámsterdam RAI. Each consecutive day prior to the end of the works of each artist selected is it will also display on the front of the Eye Filmmuseum 07:00 to 09:00 and 17: 00 at 23: 00.

The form of this multi-faceted Museum of Amsterdam, without straight surfaces, and the proximity of the water creates a unique set of technical challenges and production for the video of the selected artists.

World masters mapping2018 Bas Uterwijk projection

Panasonic projection technology

The five artists who participate in the event have to base his work on the same shared topic: 'Fill the gap')Bridging the Gap). A unique challenge for the participants, who will have two screens of 40 × 15 meters in diameter. The projection of water adds a dynamic and theatrical element to the challenge, creating a 'scenario' three-dimensional and double layer.

Panasonic, platinum sponsor of ISE, has been selected to facilitate for the event projection equipment. The competition uses a combination of models PT-RZ21K and PT-RZ31K, 30,000 lumens and disenados designed specifically for live entertainment and events at venues, offering 20,000 hours of operation without maintenance.

The-World-Masters-of-Projection-Mapping Eye Filmmuseum

These projectors have been installed in the building and pontoons moored in the river for water screen (additional information at) digital AV). With a 3-chip DLPTM and double laser light source, integrated projectors redundancy allows uninterrupted projection that guarantees the continuity of the show but one of the laser diodes fail, whereupon are the perfect solution for events of high level.

"We are really excited to be part of the first World Masters of Projection Mapping contest - noted Jan Markus Jahn, director of Panasonic Visual System Solutions, and direct witness of the creations that these artists be screened in one of the" landmark buildings of Amsterdam using our technology".

World masters mapping2018 Bas Uterwijk projection

Videoartists finalists of World Masters of Projection Mapping

  • Geert Mul: for over twenty-five years, this video artist has experimented with the possibilities of poetry in the language of the new media based on data, which involves the public through audiovisual performances and works of art in public spaces. Their installations have been exhibited in numerous museums of modern art, including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
  • Alida Dors Y Manuel Rodrigues: as Artistic Director of the Compañía de danza Backbone, Doros uses dance to deal with social problems and bring together different groups. Rodrigues, graphic designer and film artist, try and manipulate elements of the visual world as a dance, in which image and sound are attached.
  • Telcosystems: group formed by Gedeón Kiers, David Kiers and Lucas van der Velden, who investigates the relationship between the behavior of programmed numerical logic and human perception of this behavior, which results in the creation of immersive audiovisual installations that you show through various media and live performances. His work has been presented at museums and festivals such as Ars Electronica, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Holland Festival.
  • Florian and Michael Quistrebert: this duo creates 'optical paintings' and videos showing angular patterns in which the symmetry and reflections are recurring themes. Using a variety of materials and techniques, they try to reinvent the Art Nouveau, Futurism and optical art.
  • Eder Santos: pioneer of multimedia art in Brazil, is known worldwide for developing hybrid projects that combine Visual Arts, cinema, theatre, video and new media. His works belong to the permanent collections of the MoMA in New York and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, two of the world's largest museums of contemporary art.

Amsterdam Light Festival2016 photo Janus van den Eijnden

The selection of the five finalists was conducted through close collaboration between EYE Filmmuseum and Amsterdam Light Festival. The international jury that will assess the finalists the ProSim February 8 is formed by:

  • Lennart Booij, artistic director of Amsterdam Light Festival (President of the jury).
  • Jaap Guldemond, director of exhibitions at EYE Filmmuseum.
  • Marente Bloemheuvel, associate of EYE Filmmuseum.
  • Jozef Hey, founder and owner of BeamSystems.
  • Giny Vos, visual artist.
  • Paul James, editor in Chief of Mondo.

As the President of the jury, Lennart Booij, has said "the quality of works is high and the jury is excited about the final selection of national and international artists. These conceptual and cinematographic works allow us to delve into the scope and the artistic quality of the projection mapping".

Amsterdam light festival photo janusvandeneijnden

For the operational and production of projections (morning and evening) during these three weeks, Rembrandt Boswijk, responsible for the Dutch specialist technical projects Indyvideo, he has coordinated the services of manufacturers and suppliers, with technical partners as Panasonic (projectors); Disguise (media servers); Alcons Audio (audio) and Lightware (transmission), as well as with creative partners as BeamSystems,(instalación e integración) and EYE Filmmuseum.

For Mike Blackman, CEO of ISE, "this project has come to life in a spectacular way. The results can be seen daily in Amsterdam, with a perfect combination of technology and creativity that involves artists, manufacturers and suppliers of leading industry solutions, everything Integrated Systems Europe represents".

In this line, Paul Riemens, CEO of Ámsterdam RAI, "connecting people, ideas and visions in our enclosure creates quality and value to exhibitors and visitors. Supporting communities and our partners around the events, we generate a unique platform that also extends into the city which we hope to attract".

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