The next versions of module Player and Kinetic module, along with a live interactive experience are its proposals in the competition.

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Create different visual experiences in a wide variety of applications is the goal that PI Module is marked with the next versions of its media server solutions: module Player and Kinetic module, which will offer a preview of their main characteristics during their participation in ISE 2018 (hall 14 - stand K135).

Module Player, an accessible multimedia server ideal for everyday Visual projects, it offers an intuitive interface and a workflow easy to use for configuration and operation quickly and easily, which is designed to process media and provide the best possible quality, while it is running on an optimized hardware configuration.

Thanks to unique features, such as XMAP for advanced 2D deformation; the management of playlists and a powerful integrated show control capabilities, module Player is a versatile and cost-effective solution to run a wide variety of projects.

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Officially presented at the last edition of ISE, Kinetic module is a tool for 3D video playback in real time, interactivity and tracking. This high-end multimedia Super-Server offers a 3D engine of last generation for design and visualization of shows, with a powerful composition real-time non-linear and nodal programming, as well as monitoring and control of entertainment capabilities.

Module Kinetic can be used in all the complete workflow, including the study, simulation, creating media, encoding and playback. Easy to handle thanks to its collaborative and intuitive user interface, facilitates the study of imaging and simulation in 3D.

After used successfully in a wide range of applications, including corporate events, theme parks, museums and tours, the company advance the capabilities of new versions of module Player and Kinetic module in the contest in Amsterdam.

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For example, both systems will provide unique capabilities of management live thanks to an innovative approach to 'all in one', what its design is compounded in a new and robust suspended chassis and professional connectivity for greater durability.

Furthermore, additional and specific characteristics of Kinetic module include 3D, new 3D features real-time tracking and greater interactivity.

Thus Yannick Kohn, founder and CEO of Modulo PI points out: "an interactive show live, most of the time will require at least one tracking system, a media server and a complement to FX. "Our vision is to offer a complete solution: Kinetic module integrates 3D in real time, monitoring and video playback to take advantage of these extensive capabilities through a box and user interface only".

After starting the year last a collaboration with Allegorithmic for the integration of materials 3D Substance, Modulo PI wants to go one step further in the management in real time and "we will present our new 3D particle engine in real time in ISE 2018. And, for the first time at a trade fair, also will make a demonstration of our optical tracking solution,"says Kohn.

These new capabilities of Kinetic module materialize in a unique experience of playful show, created in collaboration with Pixel n'Pepper, a creative agency specializing in scenography of video, interactivity and 3D mapping.

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By • 26 Jan, 2018
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