Designed for its consoles 4REA4, s-series and some SD-Range (SD12 and Quantum SD7), the new card provides 64 channels of input and an equal number of output at 48 kHz and 96 kHz, among other features.

12 to 14 of the month of June, the audio-visual technology fair InfoComm It will open its doors in Orlando (Florida - USA) to show more than 40,000 professionals who flock each year to the latest developments in the sector. Manufacturer DiGiCo you have chosen Edition 2019 for the global launch of your new card DMI-Dante 64@96.

Dante's Audinate protocol users now have this new card for 4REA4 consoles, s-series and some SD-Range (SD12 and SD7 Quantum) of DiGiCo, which has 64 input channels and output at 48 kHz and 96 kHz 64; It is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports primary and secondary (reserve) and offers exclusively a function of sampling rate conversion.

By allowing natively DiGiCo products to communicate with other devices in a network card DMI-Dante, Dante 64@96 doubles effectively the number of channels of I/O (concerning the previous manufacturer) with higher resolution.

InfoComm 2019 will also host presentation of Mustard, a new set of algorithms and options for processing channels on SD7 Quantum, which offers greater flexibility and options when you need additional control and creative adjustment in the mix.

Taking advantage of the new seventh-generation Quantum engine infrastructure FPGA, Mustard can be used together with the standard SD processing to add preamplifiers, filters, equalizers, doors and a selection of different types of compressors to any existing group of channels.

DiGiCo, brand represented in Spain by RMS Proaudioalso present Spice Rack, which provides additional, plug-in processors freely in any channel and position. The first range will be a compressor of six bands, for a complete and detailed control of the envelope for definable frequency bands.

digico Mustard rms proaudio

Software updates for SD12 and SD10

Other proposals that professionals will meet at the stand of DiGiCo in InfoComm 2019 are the new software updates for consoles SD12 and SD10. With SD12 96 update, users can expand their consoles SD12 72 to 96 channels and 36 to 48 auxiliary groups / subgroups.

For its part, the new update SD10 + is free - only available for consoles Core 2 - and extends the already powerful SD10 of 132 to 144 input channels.

As Austin Freshwater, CEO of DiGiCo, designates "continually invest a lot of resources from r & d to ensure that customers get the maximum return on investment in their purchases, and InfoComm underscore that commitment".

In this sense, the innovations that the company presents in the contest "demonstrate once more than DiGiCo is not only dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best products in the industry, but also to ensure that they continue to be the best products for years" This Executive said.

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By • 29 May, 2019
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