Spanish Patentthe ImaginAds system provides an innovative way for advertising campaigns, which the consumer can interact directly with the brand.

Audiovisual systems specialist ImaginAds Advertainment He has presented their new marketing support - ImaginAds-, which combines imaging of dynamic QR codes and images with software that allows brands present in any commercial zone and interact with their customers immediately.

With a guaranteed visual impact, projection ImaginAds system attracts attention and is perfect for marketing campaigns and advertising, with a simple use both content management and the way they interact client.

The software, designed by ImaginAds, allows you to update campaigns in real time, with contents that capture the audience precisely to generate from your mobile phone and in the place of the action, with videos, images or even augmented virtual reality.

Angel Blazquez, CEO of ImaginAds, explains that "we live in a hyperconnected world of data and customers, and the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for advertising campaigns. Through it and technology ImaginAds can create price promotions, discounts,... "Can even be sold to third-party advertising: offer this space providers so they advertise their products or establish their own strategies".

Exclusive software and statistical Geolocated

ImaginAds has a unique software, based on a web application that contains a library of content that directs advertising messages to the customer immediately.

This can be done from an image or a video, an image 3D, augmented virtual reality, a web page, a landingspecific, sharing on social networks advertising content, and even (in a very short time) interacting by voice with Genie.

This software has several levels of administration, it allows programming personalized content, as well as select swaths of schedules for different locations.

Each entry to the QR will generate some real statistics and Geolocated. "The option of entering the data transferred from Facebook or Gmail will generate, exponentially, new records and form a perfectly segmented database," explained from the company.

The projector, which is easy to install and economical, uses chips from a world reference manufacturer in Led lighting. Logos or images are produced in printed glass up to three colors, or directly from a real image, according to the needs of each client and business types, such as shopping centres, catering, real estate, etc.

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By • 18 Jun, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, Projection, dynamic Advertising