Based on data from Ricoh's UCS Advanced platform, only in the month of March, platform traffic increased by a 500%, and in April Spain ranks as the European country with the highest number of video calls.


The company Ricoh Spain has multiplied by ten the use that its customers make of videoconferencing through its UCS Advanced platform since the beginning of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 (data relating to March and April of 2020 in Spain compared to February this year).

specifically, only last March, platform traffic increased by a 500% with respect to precedent, placing Spain as the second European country in which the use of this solution increased the most, behind Poland, and in third position with more use of this solution, after Italy and Sweden.

These figures have continued to increase in the month of April, which has ended with an increase in the volume of videoconferences of the 102% compared to March, in which Spain has become the European country in which videoconferencing is most used, multiplying by twelve the number of calls made since the beginning of the health crisis.

blankAccording to the data provided by Ricoh, the increased use of this video conferencing solution is also evident in the time spent during calls; with an increase in 130% the duration in minutes in the recently ended month of April with respect to the present (in March increase was 360% compared to February).

The case of Italy has served as a predecessor and example of the situation that has subsequently been experienced in Spain.. Like this, while in the rest of European countries teleworking was enhanced during the month of March, at the end of February Italy began to experience a slight increase in the number of videoconferences, closing the month with a growth of the 68%.

However, it was not until the end of the first half of March when a significant increase began to be evidenced., with an increase in 240% with respect to the February measure.

For Xavier Moreno, marketing director of Ricoh Spain and Portugal, "Telecommuting is here to stay, so companies that want to be competitive must implement, if they haven't already, secure solutions to make it possible. This implies advancing the degree of digitalization of organizations on three fronts.: digital workplace infrastructure, automation of business processes and implementation of collaboration solutions compatible with any device and tool".

Ricoh P3500Since the beginning of the health crisis and, given the need for many companies to have collaboration solutions to deal with the situation and continue with their activity, Ricoh Spain has offered free and unlimited access to video conferencing for thirty days through the Ricoh UCS Advanced platform.

This tool is designed for teams and organizations looking for fast and simple video collaboration, as it does not require technical support to get started, for both internal and external meetings, and is compatible with any user or meeting room, no matter what device or technology they are using.

In addition, Ricoh offers an accompaniment session to users of this free trial to teach them how to use the tool, along with a set of recommendations on how to telecommute efficiently.

This initiative is accessible from the portals Accelerates SMEs, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, and teleworking solutions promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, which has more than a thousand download requests from companies that have decided to access this thirty-day free trial.

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by • 4 May, 2020
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