Kean Analog Way University

The Aquilon C+ system of Analog Way enhances visualization and training in the new immersive study in the Kean University of New Jersey.

The new visualization and immersion studio that has just opened the Kean University, public institution of higher education located in the U.S. state of New Jersey, is considered to be the first space of its kind in the area, “which will play an important role in improving our research possibilities”, Explains Muhummad Hassan, director of digital information resources in The Learning Common, a space within the library for collaborative learning such as the one created in this institution.

Analog Way Aquilon CThis innovative 270º visual studio features giant screens spanning three walls. Ten laser projectors show a perfect image all over the canvas, while the system Analog Way Aquilon C+ controls images and a media player plays custom content, to which is added a system of 4K/8K multiscreen presentation from this modular and scalable manufacturer.

As he points out Seth Teates, analog way regional sales manager, “Aquilon C+ provides the power to this equipment and is very easy to use. Can offer full resolution throughout the studio canvas (in total 22,262×1.600Q) and perform full 4K scaling for auxiliary sources, like a laptop or set-top box".

Analog Way Aquilon CThe media player is responsible for powering the Aquilon C+ system with two 4K signals for the left screen, three for the central and two more for the right. “We take the Feeds of the player, we crop them and place them on the canvas, pixel by pixel, to create the merged backgrounds at the edges on the screens”, explains Teates.

For this project, the specialist in digital transformation of spaces AVI-SPL, Designed, built and installed the equipment for the studio. "We needed a system with ten entries," hassan recalls., and AVI-SPL told us about Analog Way, whose experts gave us a demonstration simulating a study with 98 monitors″ and Aquilon C+ has been the right choice; from day one it has been a pleasure to work with this system, very easy to use”.

Kean Analog Way University

Yossi Solomon, AVI-SPL Educational Market Manager, that's how he explains it.: “we designed the studio to be a blank canvas; a very versatile space to show presentations, be immersive and a center of experiences, in addition to making events. Aquilon C+ fit well for its reliability, processing power and resolution”.

The new study showed these capabilities during the Open Resources Conference (REA) Kean University, which was broadcast live to more than a thousand online participants worldwide. "Thanks to Aquilon C+ we were able to display eight layers on each of the three screens and change the backgrounds for each presenter to achieve a very personalized look.”, underlines Hassan.

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by • 23 Aug, 2021
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