OnionLab Christmas Madrid2021

Six laser projectors, each with a power of 50.000 Lumens, and two of 32.000 lumens of Panasonic have been the teams that the specialist OnionLab has used for the Christmas 3D videomapping of the Madrid City Council.

For the third consecutive year, the Christmas program of the Madrid City Council, through the Culture Area, Tourism and Sport, incorporates congratulations in the form of 3D projection on the façade of its headquarters, the Palace of Cibeles, with the motto of Let's celebrate the reunion!, that has been redesigned and produced by the specialist OnionLab.

OnionLab Christmas Madrid2021

For the transformation of the façade of this emblematic building and the creation of this videomapping show, music and special effects, visible from any point of the Plaza de Cibeles, OnionLab has used the technology of Solid Shine laser projection of Panasonic.

specifically, six laser projectors of the model PT-RQ50K (each with a power of 50.000 Lumens and native resolution 4K) and two teams PT-RQ35K (with 4K resolution and 32.000 Lumens apiece) of that manufacturer

OnionLab Christmas Madrid2021

As they point out from OnionLab, “the laser technology of both models has allowed us to have a luminosity higher than that of other years. When working with projectors 50.000 lumens we have made the same projection with a smaller number of equipment, which has made it easier for us to adjust faster”.

The multi-screen management system Dataton Watchout has been chosen as the media server for the adjustment of warping and blending of all projectors, to a total resolution of 5.500×4.100 Pixels.

OnionLab Christmas Madrid2021

For the production of all projected images, the OnionLab has used different 3D creation and animation software, how Cinema4D from the German manufacturer Maxon, and Maya, with engines of Render via GPU as Redshift for data storage.

The composition of the images projected in this interactive congratulation for Madrid, who has had two daily passes of about seven minutes during the past weekend, has been made with adobe After Effects.

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by • 23 Dec, 2021
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