LG and Userful

The centralized solution for managing display networks, developed by LG Electronics Business Solutions Europe and Userful, improves performance and reduces complexity, costs and carbon footprint.

The result of this collaboration between LG Electronics Business Solutions Europe and Userful is an AV over IP solution, end-to-end software-defined, that combines the platforms webOS Signage of the first and the Visual Networking of the Canadian company to optimize the display networks in control rooms, digital signage, corporate signage and videowall.

As a result,, digitally integrated enterprises in key markets around the world can now deploy IT-managed services, from virtually any source to webOS displays, with advanced transmission capabilities, flexibility in installation and safety NIST.

Whether providing immediate video and data through real-time transmission protocols (RTSP) for control rooms or managing 8K content on hundreds of screens, integrators and end users can enjoy a powerful and optimized display network management experience with userful's platform and LG displays.

LG and Userful

Future of Visualization Network Management

According to Harri Ekholm, Vp. sales of LG Electronics Business Solutions Europe, the alliance will develop the future of just-in-time display network management to help integrators and enterprises capitalize on the exponential growth predicted in AV over IP over the next five years..

"Together," says Ekholm.- we have created a digital display network management platform that can simplify and empower LG installations to offer security, speed and flexibility in content delivery and display deployment".

As this manager points out, "due to the acceleration of new services and digital transformation, there is a clear need for a centralized platform to manage visual services in combination with data, IoT and AI. Userful's software-defined platform uniquely integrates all of them, and delivers them via public/private cloud servers to network-optimized webOS signage displays, enabling AV services across the organization".

Both companies recognized already in the year 2019 the growth potential of AV over IP and began to develop a software solution, flexible and customized, running on LG's webOS Signage platform for flat screens and LED direct display, focusing on simplicity, reliability and flexibility.

LG and Userful

Growing market

As they point out from Userful, the resulting centralized platform will result in significant savings in hardware and energy costs, while contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

The potential growth of this market is huge, with applications ranging from mission-critical displays and digital signage networks across the enterprise up to videowall installed in corporate lobbies and large visual systems for conference rooms.

According to the consultant Maia Research, the AV over IP market is about to grow from the 3.000 million dollars currently at 51.000 millions of dollars in 2027, with a 85% of expected increase in the corporate sectors, government and educational, positioning the LG-Userful solution to meet the demand for enhancements to the display network with new capabilities.

LG OLED Jacolby Satterwhite

Total integration

John Marshall, CEO of Userful, stresses that other display manufacturers have not been able to match LG's level of software integration, which makes this partnership even more valuable and unique.

"The industry underestimates the difficulty of optimizing traditional AV products for the IT environment., especially with network distribution challenges and demanding business applications, Marshall said.. Historically, the AV industry has worked with NAB codecs and AV standards, focusing on AV technology over the highest quality HDMI cable. Adding multi-protocol based networks is a whole new challenge.".

"The fact that LG has been able to integrate such IT protocols into its firmware central, at the very heart of your media channel, it's more than impressive. In a nutshell, this solution simplifies IT work and can reduce installation and maintenance complexity".

In addition to LG, Userful previously worked with other display manufacturers "who failed to develop such a sophisticated integration of IT standards into their firmware -recalls Marshall-. During these developments, the differences between manufacturers of low-cost and IT-ready screens that adapt to the needs of the modern enterprise were manifested.. We are proud to work together to lead the way forward in the industry and offer new solutions to improve companies' business operations.".

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