This software allows you to build and run videowalls of ultra high definition in any configuration and scale without complications, in a cost-effective manner and without any additional hardware and specific programmes.

TruKnox Technologies SynClan

SynClan, the new software solution for video walls developed by the specialist in digital signage TruKnox Technologiesuse computers outside of the platform and wiring LAN to create asymmetrical videowalls of any configuration and format affordably.

TruKnox Technologies SynClanThe content is assigned, delivers, and sync (to the precision of individual video frames) between the screens to configure the videowall through local area (LAN) networks, and feed with a mini or micro PC to control each display flat panel in a design d (e) video screen central, at the time that these computers are monitored and receive its timing signals from a main centre using SynClan management software and low-cost network cables.

This TruKnox software-based solution allows systems integrators, Pro AV, companies rent audiovisual and event management specialists, designers and retailers create videowalls which are not restricted by limits on the number of screens, shape, orientation of the displays and resolution, with respect to conventional video wall systems that often require a controller dedicated, with a number of screens specific and complex management.

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By • 12 Jul, 2016
• Section: Thoroughly, Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, dynamic Advertising