SNA Display at HPE Houston

The network of Bold and Brilliant indoor Led screens of SNA Displays, What HPE has installed at its headquarters in Houston, offers immersive experiences, creative pieces and branded content.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has made a wide deployment of Direct Display Led equipment at its headquarters located north of Houston. This digital signage network offers immersive experiences, creative pieces and branded content. An infrastructure that has counted the technology of SNA Displays and that it has had ieSmart Systems for project monitoring.

The project includes indoor LED screens and have been installed in the lobby, in The Fishbowl, the Immersive Theatre and the Playground.

SNA Display at HPE Houston

The screen installed in the lobby of the HPE headquarters is a vertical Led screen with a pixel pitch of 2,5 mm used to display creative content. For its design a model has been used Bold indoor measuring 2.6×1,2 meters with a resolution of 3,420×1.600 Pixels.

The Fishbowl is an immersive installation with two walls and a Led floor with pixel packaging stuck to the plate, made with a pixel spacing of 2,5 Mm.

SNA Display at HPE Houston

Each face inside in The Fishbowl it measures approximately just over half a meter wide by a meter high, with a resolution of 900×1.440 Pixels. Also built from the Bold indoor product line, consists of a total of 3,9 millions of pixels.

The Immersive Theater includes a concave Led screen Brilliant indoor, that curves around the room, equipped with stadium-like seating.

The screen has a radius of 1,4 meters and uses a pixel pitch (NPP) of 1,25 Mm. With approximate dimensions of 0.65×4,6 meters and a resolution of 1,800×12.160, the videowall is composed of almost 22 millions of pixels. The content used in the room was custom created to provide a complete immersive experience.

SNA Display at HPE Houston

To enhance the Immersive Theatre experience, ieSmart Systems integrated a cinema sound system from 15,5 canals.

Outside the theater there is a convex Led videowall with a radio of 1,2 metre. The screen uses a pixel pitch of 1,25 mm and a resolution of 1,400×2.560 Pixels.

the Playground is a space designed as an executive information center that has a , has a video screen of 1,25 mm pixel pitch that measures 0,7 x1.2 meters (1.800×3.200), which gives you a total of 5,8 millions of pixels.

SNA Display at HPE Houston

The space includes interactive screens and tables, informative signage displays, experience systems Oculus and even a full-size HPE/Mercedes F1 car located at the entrance.

"HPE has created an atmosphere that conveys cutting-edge technology but blends well with its architecture", Explains Jason Helton, Executive Vice President, SNA Displays. "A well-integrated digital display network works when parts feel natural rather than jarring".

The forecasts are that during this year, on the outside of this HP headquarters a spectacular outdoor Led screen of SNA Display is installed.

The lobby screen has been installed by the AV integrator Digital Dreams, while the rest has been borne by the company Ion Visual Solutions.

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by • 6 May, 2022
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