Aware that the loss of the smallest of details can lead to fatal errors for a surgeon or cost millions to the oil companies or gas, projectiondesign brings your 3D images to a whole new level. The new F35 ace3d is active DLP stereoscopic projector from a single chip with the highest resolution in the world, with Full 1920 x 1200 resolution.

The Norwegian manufacturer ProjectionDesign It has brought to the market the ace3d F35 - projector 3D DLP with higher resolution in the world. Until 1,920 x 1,200 pixels of resolution to a frequency of refresh rate of 120 Hz, the F35 ace3d allows display images 3D without compression with greater detail that no another projector of this format, price and category of performance, creating the best and more real experience 3D available in this time.

Anders Løkke, director of Marketing of projectiondesign, adds that "another real benefit for the user is based on the use of our newly developed display of double bandwidth. With twice the speed of image processing in comparison with competing products, we can project images that are not based on compression technologies, obtaining in this way a very detailed, precise image and without artifacts."

Particularly useful in applications of scientific visualization, virtual reality, museums, theme parks, training and simulation, the highest levels of detail allow the user to make decisions more rapid and better documented saving time and money.

New level of image detail
The F35 ace3d is based on the already popular model F35 wqxga - DLP projector with higher resolution available for commercial use. Roger Carver, manager of DLP front projection business at Texas Instruments, DLP image platform developers, says: "the F35 wqxga was a stunning technological achievement - now F35 ace3d version has this innovation to a new level of detail in the image." "We are proud of be associated with an engineering so revolutionary of a manufacturer that constantly breaks them barriers of them standards of the industry of the image and it excellence."

F35 ace3d has a wide range of specifically designed high resolution lenses and the exclusive management tool color RealColor for unmatched colour accuracy. Colors natural and precise attached to the performance of high resolution of the F35 ace3d and quality of image guarantee projections perfect even in systems multi channel.

El proyector ofrece niveles de luminosidad de hasta 7.500 ANSI lúmenes, varias opciones de configuración y conmutación perfecta entre 3D y2D. Beneficios adicionales incluyen una función de ‘SmearReductionProcessing’ ajustable que reduce artefactos de movimiento en imágenes de alta velocidad –una característica clave en aplicaciones de simulación- y que el proyector se puede controlar desde la herramienta de software ProNet.

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By • 5 Jan, 2012
• Section: Projection

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