EarPro has included in its offer of audiovisual solutions JBL-Intellivox acoustic columns, some audio equipment suitable for worship centers, airports, train stations and other reverberant spaces.

JBL Intellivox

After the takeover in October 2013, of the Dutch firm Duran Audio BV by the Group Harman, its range of loudspeakers Intellivox joined the professional product line of JBL by Harman, which is distributed in Spain and Portugal by Earpro.

The JBL-Intellivox acoustic columns is ideal for those spaces in which the intelligibility and beam routing factors are critical; i.e., those spaces are where broadcast voice messages but for its architecture, they have a high reverberation which makes difficult intelligibility.

In these cases, the speaker sound beam needs to be oriented precisely to impact directly on the specific area to be covered. A good distribution of acoustic series JBL-Intellivox columns allows you to distribute and direct the power that is needed to cover the different areas of listening. This improves the relationship between direct and reverberant sound, ensuring a better intelligibility.

Duran Audio Axys IntellivoxDDC and DDS WinControl

Technologies DDC (Digital Directivity Control), DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) and software WinControl, incorporating JBL-Intellivox boxes, are what make possible the vertical columns of the brand directivity pattern control and direct the sound to where it is needed.

Technology multichannel DDC provides each channel columns acoustic amplification and signal process independent. This allows you to manipulate electronically opening and vertical beam orientation. Thus, it is possible to maintain a uniform coverage in terms of listening and deflect the beam of those surfaces that provide unwanted reflections.

DDS technology offers the ability to synthesize the 3D radiation pattern that is required for each acoustic column and is adjusted to the specific needs of the space. This is very useful for the coverage of areas of listening to different heights.

Digital directivity parameters that define the vertical dispersion of each acoustic column beam can be manipulated with software WinControl and controls your EQ, delay and volume.

Duran Audio Axys IntellivoxJBL - Intellivox acoustic categories

JBL-Intellivox acoustic columns are grouped into three categories: DC, DS and DSX. The first two have a width of 134 mm, a depth of 92 mm and are available in five heights: 1150 mm, 1800 mm, 2800 mm, 4300 mm and 5000 mm. The higher is the column, more control can be exercised over its directivity. All of them incorporate speakers with 4-inch, internal amplification and DSP. In addition, DC/DS 115 models include 2 tweeters to extend high frequency response.

DSX models have the same dimensions as those of the other two categories and include a small number of speakers to extend frequency response up to 18 kHz.

For an even wider frequency response, JBL-Intellivox has models DC/DS 808 and 1608, including 6.5-inch speakers, and the most suitable for programs that combine music and Word are.

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By • 30 May, 2014
• Section: Audio, Events