The company Philips has launched two new pico, PicoPix PPX2480 and PicoPix PPX2055 models, which offer a brightness of 80 lumens and 55 respectively and contrast 1000: 1.

Sagemcom has introduced two new pico of Philips: The PicoPix 2055 and 2480. The new PicoPix PicoPix projectors offer an original way to share all your universe with others, projecting images and high quality videos in just seconds anywhere.

The PicoPix PPX2480 is a perfect pocket companion, always ready to project videos and photos without your resolution of 854 x 480 the room is completely "in the dark", thanks to the brightness of this model (more than 80 lumens) and 1000: 1 contrast.

integrated MP4 sharing videos and photos instantly from a SD or USB card and take it anywhere, thanks to its integrated battery, perfect for travel. It is equipped with all the necessary connectors (including HDMI) so these projectors can be connected to any computer, smartphone, tablet or even a console. Regardless of any potential surface is a projection area.

For its part, the PicoPix PPX2055 offers a high quality image with color and brightness thanks to 55 lumens (854 × 480 resolution and a contrast of 1000: 1) to project from a netbook, being perfect also for professional use. It can be used to project presentations at a meeting and its size can carry in your pocket or netbook pouch.

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By • 27 Jan, 2012
• Section: Projection

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