InFORM is a dynamic, connected to a Kinect device, display developed by MIT, that allows to perform physical representations of objects in 3D and move in real time from remote.

Inform screen Dynamics MIT

A group of researchers of the Instituto Tecnológico of Massachusetts (MIT) have developed a device for dynamic moulding (Dynamic Shape Display) that allows to represent objects in 3D and interact with them. This display is called inFORM and projecting objects on a table and controlling their movements from a detection device Microsoft Kinect modified (hacked).

inFORM is a screen dynamic capable of recreate objects physical and movements through a system of pins that is van featuring to several heights to represent so them different objects. The movements are represented on a three-dimensional screen of blocks according to the gestures that the user performs. In this way it is possible to handle small objects or larger ones. Movements on the screen cause its surface to change shape and color highlighting the depth.

Inform screen Dynamics MIT

An of the main news that offers inFORM is that allows control them pin of form remote, besides can adopt any form thanks to them cameras 3D, simulating the form and the movement of the object real.

The implementation of this project opens a wide range of possibilities including conducting a video conference where participants can interact remotely with real elements. Other potential uses of this project fall within the scope of the topography, architecture, medical research or the physical representation of mathematical concepts.

Inform is currently under development in the Tangible Media Group at MIT and was designed by Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii with the help of many other software and hardware engineers.

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By • 19 Nov, 2013
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