The technology used by Panasonic ET-DLR030 lens enables large projections in tight spaces so it is ideal for applications of digital signage, retail, museums, theaters, or scenarios.

Panasonic It has developed a solution that redirects the projector light vertically from a distance of 370 mm projector to produce a bright and perfectly symmetrical image directly over it. This is achieved through a system of mirrors, which opens up new possibilities for applications of digital signage, retail, scenarios, and public areas.

This development is reflected in the lens of throw short ET-DLE030 for projectors DLP of a chip. The technology used in this lens makes it possible projection in smaller spaces with a shot of 0.38:1 (as it is the case with model PT-DZ770) which allows a space savings of 60%.

He use it lens ET-DLE030 of Panasonic supposed avoid project through, for example, an area of retail busy in which those objects or them people can block them images projected and where the space is a well scarce. This applies also to other verticals such as scenarios, museums or the transport sector, where can not be possible to suspend the projector mounting bracket or there is not enough space, either ahead or behind the team to release the image to the desired size.

Edge Blending

The new Panasonic ET-DLE030 model allows edge blending, both vertically and horizontally, to achieve even larger projections; In addition, the 1-chip DLP technology is ideal for interior spaces such as museums, theatres or funds of scenarios.

Hartmut Kulessa, director of Marketing of projectors in Europe explains as Panasonic has done large projects of mapping of projections conventional as the spectacle of Roger Waters, "The Wall", in the stadium Wembley.

"Now, with the arrival of this lens, the rental companies may offer similar effects for events in covered places and using less space than before." They will benefit from the needs of an extremely reduced projection distance as well as a reduction in costs by a reduced need for infrastructure and a more compact global configuration".

Geometric adjustment

The ET-DLE030 is the first lens of throw ultra-corto for projectors of high luminosity that integrates the adjustment geometric. It is also the first interchangeable short ultra projection system, which adds a great deal of flexibility to the latest range of high brightness Panasonic projectors.

With the addition of technology Panasonic geometric adjustment can be achieved more advanced and higher impact effects, says Kulessa: "The geometric adjustment can also be used to create eye-catching applications on curved or irregular surfaces. For example, in a museum you could create a bent or curved image.

Even when the audience is standing and very close to the screen no shadows are projected. Also it may be used in videoconferencing systems with large screens using a rear projection screen, Panasonic's unique technology. "

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By • 29 Nov, 2013
• Section: Accessories, Digital signage, Projection, Security

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