The projection of large format images in small spaces is no longer a problem with these new, lightweight equipment for professional environments ultrashort lens offering from 3200-3800 lumens.

The new projectors short distance Panasonic, Composed of the models of the TX and TW series they are specially developed to provide images of 80 "only 75 cm. away, with a brightness of 3,200 lumens and up to 3,800 in facilities with limited space.

Gracias a la tecnología de optimización de las imágenes y su alta luminosidad, estos ligeros proyectores garantizan una profunda saturación cromática y texto sencillo de leer en oficinas y aulas con mucha luz. En este sentido, el modelo PT-TW351R permite a los usuarios escribir y dibujar directamente en los medios proyectados con ayuda de un lápiz interactivo con un ordenador con sistema Windows conectado.

In addition to the short distance functions, the compact design of these projectors conforms to most professional environments, providing an operation for 10,000 hours Eco2 mode and minimizing the cost of ownership. To increase flexibility, a LAN cable connection allows the use of the projector remotely, which is especially suitable for ceiling mounted installations.

These teams integrate the Multi Projector Monitoring and Control software, which facilitates the monitoring and control of multiple projectors from a single PC Panasonic and so check their status and functioning without scrolling or interrupt an event or class.

The TX and TW Panasonic projectors also incorporate the Intelligent Power Management technologies manufacturer, consisting of a reliable circuitry that ensures uninterrupted power for stable use even if the power fluctuates for a short time, so Exclusive Daylight View Basic, which measures the ambient lighting with an integrated and corrects the image in real time to project clear, defined and depth images even in brightly lit rooms with ambient light sensor.

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By • 6 Feb, 2017
• Section: To fund, Projection

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