This device reading and visual recognition 'learn' by algorithms and artificial intelligence, enabling hear what can not see people with low vision or some kind of disability in this sense, no need for an Internet connection.

OrCam myeye essilor

In Spain some 979,200 people suffer from some sort of visual impairment, of which 58,300 are total blind and 920,900 have low vision (not shown enough quality to be handled independently), in addition to people who have difficulty reading books, newspapers, street signs or text on mobile for suffering dyslexia, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.

This is precisely the aim of the development of artificial vision device Israeli ORCAM MyEye, an intelligent camera developed by the firm OrCam Technologies, Which I aclopla the arm of the glasses and read in real time allows people with visual disabilities, distributed by Essilor in optical Spain.

ORCAM MyEye is based on artificial intelligence learning algorithms developed by ORCAM Technologies, and allows people with disabilities to capture visual information (total blindness, disease, visual impairment, dyslexia, etc.) maintain their autonomy and independence, and that converts audio visual information in near real time

OrCam myeye essilor

This device can read printed or digital text on any surface (newspapers, books, computer displays, restaurant menus, product labels and street signs) and recognize faces and identify products for people who are blind or some visual impairment, all instantly transmitted to the user through a mini speaker.

The user activates ORCAM MyEye by a simple intuitive gesture, pointing or pressing a button, and operates autonomously, without need for an Internet connection or a computer.

"Everyday actions like going to the supermarket can be very complicated for people with visual disabilities who are not able to discern what is the brand of the product they want to buy or what ingredients it contains are. Just standing in front of the text of the chosen product with ORCAM MyEye, the device will read it, "says Rafi Fischer, managing Israeli media communications firm.

OrCam myeye essilor

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By • 20 Jun, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Audio, Display, Bless you

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