JCDecaux outdoor advertising company has adopted three new videowalls - one of 54 and two 5-screen Full HD 46 inch-to the airport el Prat of Barcelona coming to complete the digital circuit of the group in the catalan aerodrome.

JCDecaux It has installed three new large videowalls in areas of high traffic from the airport of Barcelona. The largest of the three is installed in the area of the sword of Terminal 1 and is composed of 54 46 inch Full HD screens each. With more than 32 square meters of surface, it is the digital support of larger size in a domestic airport. The zone allows impact both passengers arrivals and departures.

In addition, has been reinforced this bet by digital advertising with the inauguration of two videowall compounds by five screens Full HD 46 inch each. Both brackets have been located in each down stairs to the Sky Center from the billing area, which means practically achieve a 100% visibility in what passengers of output refers.

In reference to this new facility, Luis Alvarez, commercial director of JCDecaux airports, has pointed out: "the inauguration of these video walls is a great pride for JCDecaux Spain and the group in general. The result has been excellent and the excellence of the company as no. 1 worldwide in outdoor advertising shows."

The installation of these brackets joins 22 screens 70 inch installed in catalan airport since 2009, in what was a pioneering initiative in Spanish airports.

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By • 21 Jun, 2012
• Section: Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising