At the end of the year, the University of Illinois will present public CAVE2, a virtual reality system based on composed of 72 screens, 20 speakers, 10 cameras 3D techniques to recognize movements, and 36 computers running at the same time getting compose a scene from 320 degrees around the user.

The University of Illinois is in the process of finalizing its CAVE2 project, which will see the light at the end of the year, according to advance on the Engadget website and blog of admires. CAVE2 consists of 72 micropolarizadas (allowing the visualization of 3D images) controlled by 36 computers and screens located in the form of a nearly complete circumference (320 degrees) within which would be the user. The entire structure has a height of 2 metres and a diameter of 7.

CAVE2 also includes a few motion sensors, so that the user or users who are inside may interact with screens. This, together with three dimensions of 74 megapixel display and surround sound (20 speakers), guarantees a completely immersive experience.

The main objective of this development is to use it for educational purposes, or applied in fields of science.

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By • 7 Aug, 2012
• Section: infrastructures, Projection, Augmented reality, Simulation