Arthur Holm, Albiral Display Solutions brand, has provided with its monitors Dynamic X 2 widescreen can be integrated into tables using motorised system and inclination of the screen of 20 degrees, to the meeting room at the Madrid headquarters of the Spanish company Repsol.

The oil company Repsol has chosen monitors Dynamic X 2 of Arthur Holm for the meeting room at its headquarters in Madrid. Monitors have been installed in a spectacular round table, built around a lacquered central circle surrounded by a stainless steel ring and the outer part is upholstered in leather. Screens have been located in the stainless steel ring, thus achieving a completely uniform finish, since the cover on table of the monitors is also built in this material.

The contrast of the different materials used has resulted an elegant table at the same time modern and its circular shape encourages participation, conversation and exchange of information among those attending the meeting. The table is also equipped with audio conference and recessed for connections boxes. In this case, is it opted for the installation of microphones of separately and fixed on the surface of the table, so that they are visible at all times. Also, a monitor of large size on the wall has been installed to reinforce the communication.

Monitors Dynamic X 2 running a movement of elevation and vertical retraction, followed by a movement of inclination of up to 20 ° in order to optimize the viewing angle. Available at 17″ and 19″ and 22 "widescreen. Touch screen, built-in camera, motorized retractable microphone options are available for the full range. The table cover can also be customizable by adding USB connectors or anything else useful.

Monitors 2 Dynamic in all its versions, have a 5-year warranty on mechanical parts and its tilting system is patented worldwide and ensures an optimal viewing angle while the limited height of the display for easy visibility has CIA the rest of speakers. Monitors can be controlled locally or remotely and have optionally system of remote diagnosis. Built in machined and anodized aluminium, they are extremely easy to install and require no maintenance. They help to improve concentration, participation and exchange of information on l meetings and conferences and they are currently being used by the most prestigious companies and institutions around the world.

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By • 4 Oct, 2012
• Section: AV Conferencing, Display