New retractable and systems motor, as one retractable horizontal integration for 'goose-neck' microphones, others with system of distribution and Full HD internal signal or a monitor that opens and rotates 180 °, is the proposal that this Spanish manufacturer exhibits at the fair.

Arthur Holm DynamicX2Share

The Spanish company Arthur Holm presents in his space at the RAI Center Amsterdam (hall 9 B132) during IF 2016 motorized retractable monitor DynamicX2Share, whose innovation is that it has a system of distribution and signal Full HD internal selection, so the meeting table becomes autonomous, without using any external equipment.

With a clean, simple and easy installation, the advantage of this system need a depth of minimum integration to integrate into the furniture, and allows you to align the microphone towards the user and this automatically returns to its horizontal position.

Arthur Holm DynamicTalkH

DynamicX2Share monitors can be cascaded using an internal HDMI cable, so each user can send such a signal to the rest of the participants of the meeting, to a screen or a projector in the room.

As for concealment of microphones for integration in meeting and Conference tables proposal focuses on DynamicTalkH, which offers two modes of work: PA, where a button activates the microphone or not, and Conference, with the always active microphone and that can connect and also controlled through a set of lectures and remotely using the AHnet Protocol.

Arthur Holm DynamicChairDisplayMoreover, for institutional and corporate environment the company has Dynamic3, a monitor that is opened, tour 180º and closes, which can customize by integrating voting and microphone system.

Designed to be integrated in the armrest of any armchair, DynamicChairDisplay is a semi-automatic motorized retractable monitor that is hidden when not in use, easy to install and that is marketed as a compact block.

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By • 9 Feb, 2016
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