The company specialized in solutions for centers control and supervision, RPG, has unveiled its new line of consoles of operations with the latest technology for control and supervision SlimTech centers.

RPG He has presented its new line of consoles Slimtech, consisting of a central structure in anodized aluminium of new generation and an electric device motor for lifting work surface with digital control and pre-programmed setting memories. It has a structure - less core with semicurvo bed and micro-tailored console for concealed cable management, Thomas power and data and location of other elements such as switchers and Manager, with rear access.

He has an area of job Thermo Surf-x of high resistance, anti-fingerprint and seamless on the songs visible, with a wide range of colors that also allows special prints and slits for logos, accommodation of pens and other accessories. The pipeline is of aluminium for integration by rail, supports, monitors and other accessories like phone, Led lamp for operator support, speaker, Ipad support stands,... etc.

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By • 28 Nov, 2012
• Section: Control