Roland Systems Group has unveiled the M-200i Live Mixing Console, a V-32 Channel Mixer controllable from the iPad with 24 analogue inputs, 12 analog outputs and a stereo digital (AES/EBU) output on the back of the mixer, all condensed in a chassis Compact.

Roland Systems Group It has brought to the market the Roland M-200i, compact mixing solution for those who want the flexibility and mobility that offers control from iPad combined with the precision of a professional digital console. The M-200i is a new Member for the V-Mixer digital console line, which includes solutions for direct sound as Digital Snakes, recording/playback and personal monitoring together with the consoles.

The iPad app is fully functional in all fundamental aspects of mixing and control of the M-200i. It contains not only the typical control preamplifiers, bread, HPF and channel equalizers and graphs, but it also includes the ability to call / Save scenes, set compressors and gates, sends on fader, editing, effects and many more. This allows full remote control from any position in the room.

It is possible the wireless connection using a router connected to the network of the M-200i port or using the Roland Wireless adapter WNA1100-RL plugged into a USB port. In addition you can connect the iPad via a multipin cable which offers a more secure connection while, in addition, the iPad battery charge.

32 channels

Physically, the M-200i contains architecture of 32 channels with 17 motorized faders, 8 Aux, 4 Matrix 8 DCAs, 24 inputs and 14 physical outputs (expandable to 64 × 54). In addition to its physical inputs you can mix audio sources from a USB memory. If the console does not have an iPad can be controlled through the built-in LCD or also using a PC (Win/Mac) together with the remote control software M-200i RCS. A very intuitive and precise function is the touch and turn that allows touching a particular parameter in the iPad and operate using a physical knob on the console.

The M-200i also includes a port REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) that opens the door to the expansion of multitrack recording solutions, add more input and remote output and mixing personal systems. Port EXCH can expand the number of inputs and outputs by connecting to one of the most popular boxes of Roland, S-1608, which provides 16 inputs and 8 outputs extra in addition to those already has the own M-200i. It can also be used to make multitrack recordings based on the Sonar Producer DAW simply using a Cat5 cable and the necessary Driver on any PC (Win) on the market.

The M-200i offers an ideal solution for bands and musicians who want the highest sound quality possible with the benefit of mixing your own monitor send from the iPad.

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By • 14 Nov, 2012
• Section: Audio