The new generation of media players for digital signage for AOpen have been the first in this market certified by Scala Enterprise Suite to set a new standard in performance.

AOpen retail

New media players of AOpen, DE6100 y DE5100, son los primeros en la industria de digital signage que han sido certificados por el nuevo y motores digitales son los primeros en la industria certificados por el nuevo software Scala Enterprise Suite de Scala, as announced by the company in InfoComm 2013which takes place in Orlando until June 14.

This announcement for AOpen highlights the increasingly important role of digital signage in a wide range of large scale commercial applications and in the retail sector, this company key markets.

Has thus secured it at InfoComm 2013 Angela Tang, head of marketing for AOpen: "digital and multimedia kiosks are being used to educate, interact, and collaborate with stakeholders and consumers in different environments of point of sale, retail, terminals of transport companies, etc.

Scala and Aopen

Graphics in high definition

The new DE6100 and DE5100 for AOpen digital players are designed for graphics great sharpness and high performance multimedia on the most demanding, with a compact platform environments and reliable to capture the attention of the maximum audience with a impact digital experience.

In this sense, integration and certification with Scala Enterprise Suite "is a fundamental breakthrough - designated Tang-since our digital engines are the first on the market with the processing capacity and efficiency of the designs that take advantage of all the" advantages and features of this software."

Scala Enterprise SuiteAs explained by Gabrielle Offringa, head of marketing in Europe of AOpen, "the company acted quickly to ensure that our media players latest comply with performance standards and the interoperability requirements of the" new solution of Scala, with a demanding and extensive certification process".

To achieve this certification, the new AOpen systems have overcome a series of complex load testing intensive, with working 24 × 7 for fifteen days, without that there is no significant degradation of performance or the need of a rebooting the system.

In addition, the system CPU, memory consumption and power, among others, have been monitored and constantly controlled during the entire testing process to ensure that the engine offered performance.

Mark Brady, senior director of strategic alliances of Scala, has pointed out in this regard that "AOpen is a very strong player in the digital signage industry. They have committed their r & d to develop media players with maximum performance and a size for integration".

Scala Enterprise Suite software provides an intuitive user interface, flexible integration options and powerful customization capabilities, which have been expanded with support for APIs, HTML5 and Android players.

AOpen DE6100AOpen Digital Engine at a glance:

DE6100 It offers customizable settings to handle up to three displays depending on the application. Includes:

  • AMD Trinity APU CPU + GPU (Dual or Quad-Core) for decoding accelerated MPEG-2 and H.264 videos.
  • Dual-Salida HDMI with output of additional DisplayPort video to three screens high definition using extended desktop.
  • Dual or Quad-Core APU and Dual Channel DDR3 RAM for ultra fast performance in Scala Enterprise Suite.
  • RS-232 port for control commercial screens, video switchers, and other external devices.
  • Digital or analog audio output.

DE5100 It is designed for performance without limits through one or two screens. Includes:

  • Intel HM65 chipset for the generation of processors Core 2 or 3 i3/i5/i7 to offer high-capacity computing environments.
  • Ports DVI - I dual-screen DisplayPort configuration.
  • Two USB 3.0 ports on the rear panel (and 2 front USB 2.0 ports).
  • Optional m-SATA, WiFi and through two slot analog/digital TV tuner card for mini cards.

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