The project in the Ramón Sanchez-pizjuan Stadium will be ready by the start of next season and will feature 360 ArenaVision Led spotlights gen 2 and 8 robotized effects(1) VL6000 for entertainment lighting. All the infrastructure will be controlled by a network system and a Philips NEO lighting console.

FC Seville Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán

He Sevilla Fútbol Club Y Philips Lighting they have signed an agreement to renew the stadium lighting Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. The company will install the new Led lighting for the pitch according to the requirements of the sports federations and the demands of TV broadcasting, including UHDTV.

The moving lights of color to be installed can be combined with the field of play, music and perimeter lighting to create eye-catching shows prior to matches. This will improve the experience of fans and will enhance the attractiveness of the stadium to host other events.

Philips Arenavision JuventusThe lighting will be after for the start of the season with the installation of the Arenavision system, which includes 360 Philips ArenaVision Led spotlights gen 2 and 8 robotized effects(1) VL6000 for entertainment lighting, controlled by a system of network and a Philips NEO lighting console.

Lighting for the playing field will be of the highest quality, adhering to the latest Ultra High Definition TV standards, so that television viewers will perceive the details of players and watch replays in slow motion in high definition.

This new Led technology provides clubs the ability to adapt the light instantly, unlike conventional systems that require time to warm up, and customize for different purposes ranging from light parts selected from the field of play during training, create light shows or adapt it to concerts. The system can also be operated remotely.

"Football is competition, emotions and spectacle, and lighting can enhance all that. Our technology is present in more than half of the stadiums in the world and in Spain are more than 80%. Deployment in Led technology to be installed here only is present in a select number of clubs, like Ajax or Juventus,"says Josep Martínez, Chairman of Philips Lighting Spain and Portugal.

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By • 23 Jun, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Control, illumination