Focused on research, technological development and new market opportunities around the Internet of things applied to intelligent cities, new Center for global innovation over Cisco IoE clinches Barcelona and opens expected in the second quarter of 2016.

Cisco Center innovation Rio de Janeiro

Cisco and the Barcelona City Council will create a Center for global innovation on IoE with the aim of being a platform for research, technological development and new opportunities of market around the Internet of things (Internet of Everithing - IoE) applied to intelligent cities.

This new center of innovation from Cisco, with 1,720 square meters, will be located in the historical building Ca l'Alier of century XIX, in the heart of the 22@Barcelona district, forming part of the new SmartCity Campus of this city.

Depending on its current forecasts, Cisco will invest about 30 million dollars (22 million euros) between 2015 and 2020, including the rehabilitation works of the building (six million euros, which will be jointly with) Schneider Electric)the laboratory of innovation, the technical equipment and the hiring of new workers, mainly engineers, application developers and researchers.

For Jordi Botifoll, Cisco's President for Latin America, senior Vice President ofCisco for America and executive sponsor for Barcelona, "ICTs, and in particular the IoE, play a decisive role in the urban transformation, sustainable economic growth and public services, contributing to improve the quality of life of the citizens and to strengthen the" competitiveness of cities and their ability to attract talent and investment. Center for global innovation on Barcelona IoE will help generate new solutions and demonstrate its practical application in critical areas to the cities, as the parking management, energy efficiency, protection and safety and new architectures of communications that will optimize the way cities are managed and interact with its citizens in the coming years".

Cisco Connect

Fifth global Center on IoE

The company plans to inaugurate new innovation about IoE Center during the summer of 2015, becoming one of the five centers global Cisco dedicated to research on the IoE and its market, next to the current opportunities in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Songdo (South Korea), and which are still under construction in Germany and Canada.

As a global innovation hub, this new centre of Barcelona will provide Cisco an innovative space to collaborate with customers, partners, startups, administrations and research institutions and education, which will include two types of activities.

One will be a laboratory of innovation around the IoE to design new solutions and services for cities that are beginning to create urban services, such as parking smart, intelligent lighting, analytic-based location, etc; In addition to energy management, protection and urban security and access through cloud.

Another activity is the area of live demonstrations of solutions from Cisco, including Smart Connected Communities platform and its practical application to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

As Anil Menon, President of Smart Connected Communities and Deputy director general of globalization at Cisco, says "global innovation centres on IoE as which have just announced in Barcelona, constitute powerful cores capable of promoting the" innovative thinking and generate new strategies to define and build a new relationship with our cities and our world. Thus, to develop urban services in cities, unprecedented economic opportunities will be created. To take advantage of strategies around the Internet of Everything, this global market creates a great opportunity for innovation that translates into new ways of sharing information, spread the knowledge, distribute expertise and resources and respond to the challenges and needs".

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How about Barcelona

The decision of Cisco establish a Center for innovation on IoE in Barcelona responds to the commitment of this city with innovation and willingness to share these developments with other cities, reinforcing as world leader in solutions and services for smart cities. In addition, Barcelona has a strong technological, academic community and research that is a heart open to the enterprise, as it points out the company.

Xavier Trías, Mayor of the city of Barcelona, has pointed out in this regard that "Barcelona has become a smart city of global reference. It is the World Capital of the phone and this 2014 has been distinguished as European Capital of innovation. New Innovation Center located in the Smart City, and Cisco's solid commitment to our city, we help strengthen the bet for a new model of economic growth based on technology, urban innovation and advanced services."

Cisco IoE

Rehabilitation and business collaboration

This new Cisco Innovation Center aims to help companies and Governments understand how to capture value of the Internet of Everything, the new phase of Internet whose value opportunity is estimated at 14.5 billion (19 trillion of) US dollars) until the year 2023, as a result of cost reduction, revenue generation, optimization of business processes and the creation of innovative urban services globally.

In the historic, and now in ruins, building of the former factory of Ca l'Alier also host the Innovation Center of the French multinational Schneider Electric, which together with Cisco will assume the investment of six million euros for their rehabilitation, that is expected to end in 2016; as well as offices of the municipal Foundation Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat (BIT Habitat) and an incubator for new technology companies.

In the case of Schneider Electric Innovation Center, the first of this French multinational dedicated to the development of technology and services for intelligent cities, this agreement is for nine years, with an investment of 750,000 euros, as it has designated Julio Rodríguez, Executive Vice President of operations of this company.

The Deputy Mayor of urban Habitat of the Barcelona City Council, explained that the building will be rehabilitated under sustainable and energy efficiency, conserving heritage without giving up the technological innovation, and it will be with areas public and free access, as well as areas of restricted access, with the forecast that not only will create 160 direct jobs, but it will serve as a business catalyst.

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