Fira de Barcelona will organise IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona (ISWC), the first International Congress that will connect the IoT and industry, from 16 to 18 September 2015, in the Gran Via venue.


IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona)ISWC) is that Congress Fira de Barcelona, together with Industrial Internet Consortiumorganize the 16 to 18 of the month of September with the aim of attracting, for the first time at an event focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), companies that develop applications in this environment and international experts to discuss how this technology will transform the global economy in the coming years.

As Richard Soley, director of the Industrial Internet Consortium, secures "IoT is a technological phenomenon that will change the daily life of the people, but also the form of produce or do business." Businesses today must get on this technology to open the gates of tomorrow".

Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of things)With this objective, the Congress is aimed at around the growing technology sector in this area, but also to the industry that offers solutions, catering, logistics, construction, transportation and logistics, energy, infrastructure, agriculture and health.

The director of IoT Solutions World Congress, Roger Bou, underlines that "this new event aims to be a bridge connecting the technology and industry in all sectors, with real-world applications and practices so that companies who come can be the first in" impact on the market of the future".

Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of things)To facilitate this connection between technology and industry, this Conference will feature a specific area so that leading experts to analyze and discuss the possibilities of this technology and its role as a transformer of the economy of the future, as well as offering technical training on safety in the network, with networking activities and areas.

IoT Solutions World Congress of will also complete with an exhibition area where technology companies will display their latest innovations in this field, with prototypes, projects and real-world applications that are already helping the growth of enterprises.

Fira de Barcelona organizes this event along with the Industrial Internet Consortium, founded by IBM, General Electric, Cisco, AT & T and Intel to join organizations and technology with the aim of accelerating the growth of the industry linked to the Internet.

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By • 4 Mar, 2015
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