Powerful, compact, and complete plug-and-play connectivity, console MA Lighting range dot2 is composed by dot2 models core, XL-B, XL-F, B-wing, F-wing and dot2 Node4. All can be combined with connecting via Ethernet.

MA Lighting dot2 core

The compact series dedicated to control, dot2 of MA Lightingwhose products in Spain Stonex It is designed for small and medium size projects or customers, since it adapts to any environment, from productions in theatres until tours.

Dot2 console integrates all the features necessary to provide the maximum potential in a single device. It has, in all its modules, touch screens, as well as a complete full connectivity in order to be easy to operate.

MA Lighting dot2Among the novelties presented by MA Lighting solution stresses your system manual and tutorials in Spanish, offering support from the initial Setup Wizard. Thanks to the direct access to support, allows to configure the advanced easy and intuitive features.

This line is divided into several teams: dot2 core, XL-B, XL-F, B-wing, F-wing and dot2 Node4. All of them can be combined and connected via Ethernet.
The dot2 core is the main console of the range, with 4,096 parameters. It consists of six faders and 12 buttons for control, and integrates two touch screens with the possibility of connecting an external display more. In addition, can be extended up to two more supplementary devices, F-wing or B-wing.

MA Lighting dot2The XL-B and XL-F are the dot2 core with an integrated complement. XL-B console incorporates the snap B-wing extending to six faders and 60 play buttons. For its part, the XL-F console integrates complement F-wing with the dot2 core, providing 14 faders and 28 play buttons. Both also include three touch screens and allows the possibility of adding an external display.

Supplementary options

MA Lighting dot2MA Lighting completes its range with individual supplements B-wing, offering 48 additional playbacks buttons and a touch screen, integrated, and F-wing, with eight additional faders, 16 buttons playback and a built-in touch screen. With a maximum of 4,096 parameters, it is possible to complete the dot2 core with several add-ins according to the needs.

Finally, the dot2 Node4 offers a simple way to achieve four outputs DMX console dot2. This device allows you to connect through the range, dot2 onPC and dot2 3D, free programs offering featured a dot2 at a computer console.

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By • 18 Mar, 2015
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