With same EMB2 compression engine, the new RoomMatch Utility Bose speakers carried the sound quality of the well-known RoomMatch arrays point source of two-way box designs in small format.

Bose RoomMatch Utility Gaplasa

The new series RoomMatch Utility of Bosemade up of four different models, uses the same engine of compression EMB2 manufacturer to achieve equal timbre and acoustic characteristics of medium and high frequency in all speakers, for application as reinforcement under balcony and as monitors of soil for vocal applications.

Made of high quality wood, series RoomMatch Utility Bose, whose products sold in the Spanish market Gapsfits the aesthetic criteria of any installation, which adds simple both in vertical and horizontal installation.

Bose RMU208 is the largest and most powerful of the range, model particularly suitable for systems of music in the foreground under the balcony or other larger reinforcement. The form of the speaker allows to use it also as a floor monitor for vocal applications. Integrates two 8 "bass from 70 Hz, bass speakers to provide a coverage of 90 x 60 °, with maximum SPL 128 DB.

RMU206 speaker offers a design optimized for use as reinforcement under balcony, minimizing its height to install it so that it does not interfere in the view of the public. It has two speaker 6.5 '' Woofer and bass from 80 Hz to provide coverage of 120 x 60 ° and maximum SPL 123 DB.

The most versatile system of the range, due to its compact size, is the RMU108 model that delivers optimal sound quality and different mounting options. Similar to RMU208, has a single subwoofer of 8 ", from 80 Hz, coverage of 90 × 60 ° and maximum SPL 123 DB.

Bose RoomMatch Utility Gaplasa

The RMU105 model is the more compact for use in applications of ambient music of high quality and reinforcement of older systems that require an optimal audio quality, small size and a very aesthetic design. It is one of the smaller speakers that uses engine compression instead of tweeter, with a speaker 5.25 '' Woofer, from 90 Hz, with 100% coverage.

Any of these four new Bose speakers can be complemented with drawers bass, both of the family RoomMatch (RMS215 and RMS218), as LT (MB12 and MB24), which allows design systems especially suitable for small discotheques and clubs. This range offers optional transformers to convert any of these speakers to 100V line, with updates for 40W (indicated for the RMU 105 speaker) and 100W.

About the possibilities of mounting, these speakers can be installed both vertically and horizontally using the support U with which are supplied. In the first case should rotate the Guide waves to keep the same coverage pattern. An optional support which allows for rotation in vertical as horizontal speaker is designed to expand the possibilities of mounting, also. The RMU108 model has two holes for installation on conventional tripods using an adapter.

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By • 26 May, 2015
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