The manufacturer has expanded this award-winning range of screens with pixel pitch ultra-thin models, from 0.9 mm; a front service support to facilitate its maintenance, as well as a power supply remote with optional redundancy, among other advanced features.


The new generation Laird DirectLight Series is based on the success of the award-winning range of video screens Led to the walls of the same name as Planar It arose in March 2015, providing a pixel ultra fine pitch with four different models of 0.9 / 1.2 1.5 and 1.8 mm separation between pixels.

In addition, the new DirectLight Series facilitates installation and maintenance thanks to its front service in the upper part, with slim design less than 4 "depth and an adjustable wall bracket, to adapt to more applications of interior, as well as a power supply remote with optional redundancy, hot-swap capability, and to reduce the number of required power circuits.

For Steve Seminario, Vice President of product marketing for this manufacturer, ensures that the combination of market-leading Leyard Led technology and the innovation of Planar "we have created an exceptional product that is unmatched in the industry".


New standard in videowall configuration

The next generation DirectLight Series sets, according to this Executive, "a new standard for the configuration of videowalls with video screens Led, uniquely serving the needs of customers for fast installation and maintenance, efficient use of space, reliability and energy efficiency, at the same time offering viewing distances shorter and a superior visual experience.

leyard-directlight-seriesAnother of the innovations that define this new range of Led video screens is its ability to display clear, crisp images even at short distances, which makes an ideal system for monitoring and control rooms, as well as for any an application that requires a display foreground and high resolution information.

Each screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and precise pixel height values to achieve exact resolutions Full HD, 4K and 8K. In addition, the larger 27-inch screen diagonal size, covers 68% more viewing area than the previous version, so it required fewer panels to configure videowalls.

All the above adds that these screens have a design flexible and easy to handle thanks to the Leyard Led Control software, which offers functions of adjustment and control of images.


Flexible design and front installation

Leyard DirectLight Series is designed for mounting directly on the wall, avoiding the costs and complexities of a separate structure, besides that you can keep and repair from the front. To do this, they include the system mounting EasyAlign of the company, with fine adjustments of six-axis for perfect alignment and no problems of any size and video matrix.

Another of its differential is that the screens can be configured to create walls curved concave; to corner at 90 ° angles, as well as support leaned forward to 254 mm (10 inches), and all feature lock functions to ensure the safety of the screens and installation.


Remote power supply

These new screens are supplied with the power supply remote DirectLight (RPS), designed to ward off the heat, noise, weight and points of service by hosting it in a well ventilated and comfortable room of rack, available in two versions to provide higher power density and minimizing rack unit requirements.

leyard-directlight-seriesThis advanced power supply conforms to a standard 19 "rack and fault-tolerance features" have no equal in the industry Led, including hot-swappable power modules, n + 1 redundancy and redundancy level circuit ", says the directors of Leyard.

As already ahead Digital AV Magazine with the introduction of the TWA Series range, manufacturer has broken the barrier until now existing 1 millimeter of separation between pixels, offering one of only 0.9 mm.

The new DirectLight series presented now will begin at the beginning of 2017 sale through the worldwide network of authorized distributors of Leyard and Planar.

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By • 3 Nov, 2016
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