With the launch of video platforms 4K / HDR and high-resolution audio, the German institution and audiovisual manufacturers seek to offer an enriched director in a concert hall in any other device space and experience.

The agreement between Panasonic and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (BPH) Aims to collaborate in the development of audiovisual technologies, including improved video 4K / HDR and high-resolution audio, whereby the first will provide this type of art equipment (mixers, monitors, cameras, etc) platforms platform Digital Concert Hall (DCH) For installation in the auditorium and study video of the institution.

The installation of the equipment will begin in July 2017 and the new study will be operational for the 2017/2018 concert season of the Philharmonic, which will broadcast recordings of them in videos with 4K resolution / HDR high quality and optimized audio formats .

Also collaborate with Panasonic and GHP TechnicsThe brand high-end audio manufacturer to offer a differential experience in the concert hall with the latest audio and video equipment of this brand targeted at environments of home and car.

With the help of the company's GHP, Berlin Phil Media Group, Panasonic will faithfully reproduce artistic performances of musicians through joint assessment of the technological process of recording, editing, mixing and reproduction optimized.

The common purpose of this collaboration is to combine innovation and tradition in music, contributing together to develop visual and sound culture by recreating the experience of live music performances by BPH.

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By • 23 Jan, 2017
• Section: Study cases, signs distribution, Events, Production