Located in the commercial centre of Callao, it offers, in an area of 1,200 square meters, interactive installations and experiences of virtual reality simulators with robotic chairs.

Samsung Store Callao

Samsung, next to The English CourtHe has opened in the shopping centre of Callao in Madrid, its biggest store in Spain. A place of experiences that allow technological interaction and shows all the possibilities that offer new products that the company launches customer.

Samsung Store CallaoThe new Samsung Store Callao is installed in El Corte English of the Plaza del Callao, in the heart of Madrid, next to the Puerta del Sol. It has an area of 1,200 square metres that occupy the entire ground floor of the Mall. This, which is the biggest store has in Spain and the second largest in Europe, which arises from the desire of having a different space to offer visitors a unique experience through the services and products of Samsung company.

In store you can know the latest mobile, wearables, products of entertainment and style of life, image and sound, computer and electrical appliances, and discover how interact all those products through the Internet and connectivity of Things (IoT).

Samsung Store CallaoThe Samsung Store Callao in El Corte Ingles brings together points of sale and customer service, as well as spacious areas dedicated to different product lines. All of this combined with interactive installations that visitors can use freely and enjoy the different families of devices from virtual reality Gear VR features.

To experience the virtual reality, the Samsung store has robotic chairs and simulators for activities such as canoeing or mountain biking, offering the public the opportunity to experience a wide variety of content and experiences through the products VR Gear and most advanced mobile brand that currently Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8/S8 models represent +.

Samsung Store CallaoSimilarly, physical exercise simulators allow register and test the latest wearables from Korean manufacturer, the versatile smartwarches and the fitness band Gear Fit, aimed at people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

The areas dedicated to televisions are designed to facilitate the purchase decision. With various facilities, in which seeks that the public will feel like a living room, you can experience what is the screen size and the right audio solution for every space, what technology fits better to the budget, and check how much the atmosphere of the living room TV set design influences. In addition, they can examine the purity of the colors of the QLED TV screens or how the TV The Frame transforms a stay.

On the other hand, the payment for mobile Samsung Pay System also has its space in the shop of Samsung, where you can try without having the visitor committed any personal or banking information.

The Samsung Store Callao in El Corte Inglés is conceived as a complement to the extensive network of points of sale of the company's products, bringing the brand to the public and customers through direct treatment and personalized attention.

Samsung Store Callao

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By • 18 Dec, 2017
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