Vogel's has been proposed that mount a Led video wall already is not a problem. To do this, it exhibits in ISE 21018 new options based on their technology Connect-it Universal with a complete range in sizes, positions, mobility and flexibility.

Vogel's ISE 2018

Result of the price adjustment that is going against the monitor Led increasingly are more facilities who opt for this technology when setting up a video wall of any size, both in fixed installation and rental.

However, the deployment of these walls Led can become quite a challenge (especially the thinner the pitch) If you do not have the appropriate structure.

In this edition of IF, Vogel’s It has been proposed to demonstrate that mount a Led video wall already is not a problem. Y. therefore is exhibiting new options based on their technology Connect-it Universal with a complete range in sizes, positions, mobility and flexibility in its stand (1-M30).

This structure of Vogel's, which can also be used for LCD, is universal so it adapts to any type of cabinet and mark. It has dedicated stripe sets specifically for mounting panels Led secure, powerful and easy way. In addition, and as they have all the components developed by Vogel's, this system for videowall is certified TÜV-5.

Vogel's ISE 2018

Whether it requires a video wall for ceiling mount, from floor to wall, floor to ceiling, free positioning, fixed or mobile, installation with Connect-it is clean and simple, since it is also a versatile system to host applications, allowing easy access and maintenance professionals.

To deploy a videowall, the installer must only choosing a floor and combine it with PUC tubes 29xx, PFB bars and bands for interface PFS 35xx to create any custom installation... as simple as riding a puzzle.

Noemi Belenguer, Vogel's ISE 2018New Connect-it PUC series tubes 29xx have been especially designed for use in walls and are available in three sizes: 2,000, 2,700-3,300 mm. They have a cable guide system (CIS) internal and can be combined with other components of the Connect-it series.

On the other hand, Vogel's go to Amsterdam with an improvement in the range of wall PFW 4000, than low standard Vesa mounts, has further enhanced the ease and safety when installing.

Other upgrades include the increase in size of the Vesa standard - which is situated in 50 × 50 - PFW 4200 and PFW 4210 models. Furthermore, the improvement of wall of the series 45xx/47xx PFW, which now have central marks and slotted holes for a perfect and simple horizontal placement.

In this last aspect, is added the mounting kit professional to facilitate the installation of the series listed above, which includes Fischer UX 10 and screws SW13 7 × 80

One of the most important improvements which Vogel's is the increase of the weight of the maximum load, which is increased by 30 to 50 kilos in PFW 4500 and PFW 4510.

Vogel's ISE 2018

Inclined ejection systems

One of the most popular ranges of Vogel's, their ejection systems or pop-out, also present improvements that have occurred in this fair of ISE. Now these systems for videowall on wall allow installation on angled position with maximum safety and screens up to 80 kg.

Vogels next op1They have a system of release powered by spring, open design, custom, adjustable mounting brackets from the top and extension with a scissor-type system. Thanks to a brace between the axes — tilt the screen without suffering a drag effect achieving configure videowalls creative aspect anamorphic and fully practicable.

Wall bracket, Vogel's shows at ISE endless options (both vertically and horizontally), including as disparate as an electrical support proposals that includes Soundbar with wireless subwoofer in the structure.

At its booth, it been prominently popular PFW 6000 series, composed of three models, which supports screens from large-format up to 120 inches and 165 pounds. This line features a robust and elegant design with leveling post-install, self-centring and easy access screws.

Vogels next op1Finally, the corner of your stand is dedicated to give some hints to proposals for consumption, notably the new foot wood Next OP1.

Vogel's has collaborated with the Danish designer Malte Kidde to develop a tripod in elegant wood intended for big inch TVs.

Simple lines and natural materials, Next OP1 fits anywhere and decor and can move smoothly, with accessories such as Ophang, which allows you to connect a game console to the TV without hindering clean lines of this bracket with cables, which are they can hide within the rear leg and out as required.

Next OP1 single design serves to almost any flat screen TV's 46 to 70 inches (up to 40 kilos), with the maximum reliability of fastening a light frame with three legs.

Vogel's ISE 2018

Support and r & d, two keys to success

David Peñalver, Vogel completo Iberian Products division Pro AV Sales Manager, acknowledges that "in professional, on the basis of a philosophy signature qualityWe are always looking for a great product and with a different design that is totally different from what we find in the market".

For his part, Noemí Belenguer, general manager at Vogel completo Iberian Products, says that "based on the highest quality, a modern design and a strong commitment by the r & d, Vogel's offers the market an extraordinary added value that allows us to always get the" First, with full reliability in our proposals. The fact of knowing perfectly, both the professional and the consumer market allows us to search the harmony between both worlds and offer products for every application".

David Peñalver, Vogel's ISE 2018Such is the degree reliability that Vogel's solutions offering in many products the manufacturer guarantee of by life.

Even so, if you need support, Vogel's has a system of care management customer that constantly evaluates the response given to the client to any incident, both consumer and professional, in less than 48 hours.

With regard to the relationship with the channel, Peñalver stresses that "we try to always take business to the canal, visiting with the end customer, knowing their needs and channeling it toward the wholesaler or Integrator. Thus achieved the necessary equipment to provide everything you need, software management, installation, support... In fact, on many occasions we go with leading brands of hand, seeking to create a team together for maximum customer satisfaction".

In this regard, Belenguer says, "is precisely the triangulation between wholesaler, Integrator and end user thus enabling us to meet the demands and offer complete solutions that are based on a strong commitment by the r & d".

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