In Amsterdam, Planar and Leyard opt for screens of videowall Led displaying his range and presenting the screen for the configuration of videowall Led with the pixel pitch smaller than industry and resolution 4K and 8K, DirectLight to 0.7 mm.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018

In Integrated Systems Europe)IF) 2018, Laird Y Planar they have announced that they are expanding their line of solutions for video wall Led DirectLight with the addition of a model that has a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm. In addition, this range also an option has joined of 2.5 mm. In addition to these ads at its stand (12-H80) can also see different Led solutions of these brands.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018The videowall Led Leyard DirectLight system is comprised of a family of screens with a pixel ultrafine and seamless pitch allowing wall indoor installations, facilitating installation and maintenance thanks to its front service in the upper part. In addition, it incorporates technology Leyard DriveSense offering a density of pixels with greater energy efficiency.

0.7 mm screen Leyard DirectLight opens a new horizon as the screen for the configuration of videowall Led with pixel smaller pitch of the industry, providing high resolution at a distance of viewing images very close.

This version delivers images with resolution 4K and 8K in small spaces, matching the density of pixels in the video walls of rooms the traditional control, but with a uniform image. With the addition of a 2.5 mm model, customers now have a wide range of options to build high-resolution Led Videowall adapted to requirements of almost internal ambient environment.

"As market leader in the growing industry of Led video walls of fine pitch pixel, we continue setting the standard with innovative developments and a leading design in the industry. We have worked to accommodate the needs of each client, our screens and we're showing it at ISE 2018 ", explains Steve Seminario, Vice President of product management of Leyard and Planar.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018

The avant-garde in Led videowall

The popularity of the videowall Led technology continues to grow and Leyard and Planar offers a full range of options that cater to almost any need. Solutions that have led to ISE 2018.

Within this range of options is the series Leyard VersaLight, consisting of a family of display of versatility that can be converted to the most challenging environments in innovative and creative video walls. Available in versions of pixel pitch ranging from the 2.5 to 8 mm, this modular line of Led displays for digital signage inside and outside offers a high image quality and performance.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018

Another line of Leyard is TVF Series, a family of screens for video wall offered with a pixel pitch of 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5 mm. With a cabinet of 27-inch display offers front and a creative and stackable design that eliminates the wiring between cabinet and reduces the complexity of installation and the vertical alignment.

The line of Led Leyard CarbonLight screens are lightweight, versatile and easy to install, suitable for use in the environment of the rental, spectacles and fixed applications in interior. This range includes the serial CLI, suitable for hanging and independent facilities.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018Leyard CarbonLight CLI series has expanded and includes a choice of pixel pitch of 1.9 mm that is attached to the existing models of 2.6, 3.9 to 5.2 mm. In addition, it now offers a front service to facilitate maintenance.

This is also integrated by the CLM series, lightweight, mesh design that offers a highly transparent appearance with characteristics of low wind resistance.

Moreover, the interactive video wall seamless Leyard Led MultiTouch is available at pixel pitch of 0.7, 0.9 and 1.2 mm. It's a multi-touch solution that is based on a film called Leyard PLTS (Pliable Led Touch Surface), patented by the company, which is placed on the surface of the Led and protects it. The result is a touch screen seamless, lightweight and durable configuration videowall of large format in which several people can interact simultaneously without points Led to damage.

Leyard-Planar ISE 2018

Finally, these ranges, TWS and TWA Series come together. The first is available with a pixel pitch of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 mm for pixels, while the second is wide to 2.5 mm.

The Leyard TWS series features a 27-inch size and design all in one that is fits a wide range of environments. It is a lightweight and easy to handle, ideal for applications requiring videowall traditional, pendants or curves.

The TWA Series features innovative design flat panel that occurs in a 54-inch cabinet. These screens offer the pixel density and the form factor to match it with the rear projection LCD videowalls, but allowing any type of configuration.

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