The range of lighting LightShark, has incorporated the expansion unit console LS-Wing, designed to complement and extend the LS-1 Console, and expanders hardware LS-Nodes.

Work Pro PLS2018

The manufacturer of audiovisual equipment with headquarters in Valencia, Work Pro, is on exhibit at the fair Prolight + Sound (Hall 3.0 - stand B90), which is being held in Frankfurt, two new solutions for its range of lighting LightShark.

The first new Work Pro, is presenting mark represented in Spain by EquipsonIt is the expansion unit console LS-Wing, designed to complement and extend the LS-1 Console; and the second is the range LS-Nodes, hardware for the LightShark system expanders that add additional DMX universes and Ethernet connectivity without the user interface and the physical checks of the LS-1 and LS-Wing units.

Work Pro LS-Wing

Launched in 2017, LightShark is a range of lighting that offers control based on web browser from a smartphone or tablet, providing a strong and intuitive hardware with the LS-1 console user interface.

The new LS-Wing, with a slightly narrower than the LS-1 chassis but it continues to allow to stay an iPad Pro 12.9 inches on its upper surface, is connected to the LS-1 via Ethernet and allows to expand the physical controls available in systems LightShark.

Each LS-Wing adds 20 buttons backlit and 10 playbacks, most other two universes DMX (2 × 512 lighting control channels) and three additional Ethernet ports, while a pair of USB connectors allow to load associated smartphones or tablets for control the LightShark system.

Work Pro LS-Node

LS-Node range

In regards to the LS-Node range, is made up of four models: LS-Node1, Node2-LS, LS-Node4 and LS-Node8. Each adds their respective number of DMX universes, completely configurable DMX lighting that attaches to, which can be LightShark or any other DMX from another manufacturer.

The three smaller LS-Node nodes are available in the same physical format of 1/4 rack. Like the original LS-Core, feed through Connector USB-C and they can be mounted in rack with the optional LS-19AR.

High-end 8 universe, LS-Node8, node is built in 1U rack 19 '', has a LCD display to configure the unit and a power Neutrik Trueone connector.

All nodes in the range LS-Node have two ports for Ethernet connectivity and are compatible with ArtNet and sACN protocols. Models LS-Node1 and Node2-LS also offers a universe of DMX input, allowing the function of 'merge' between universes.

"These new additions allow users of LightShark to configure the system exactly as required. The number of channels, physical checks and connectivity in the system can be adapted to the requirements of customers, leaving the door open to expand the system as required in the future", says Juan Jose Vila, CSO of Equipson.

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By • 12 Apr, 2018
• Section: Control, Events, illumination