Manufacturer of laser projection again in the 2019 Edition to the RAI Amsterdam with its latest range of products and solutions, whose innovation as a differential in the market stars in its stand.

Digital Projection ISE 2018

In order to reaffirm its leading position in the market of projection, with lasers as a standard bearer, Digital Projection again participates in IF, en su cercana edición 2019 (del 5 al 8 de febrero, hall 1 – stand F70) con un lema claro para los profesionales ‘ven a experimentar el poder’, que se materializa en un stand lleno de innovaciones y productos para marcar la diferencia

After the presentation of the first laser projector DLP 8K last year, ISE 2019 will bear witness to the presence of a model of the next generation, even brighter: the first and only 3D projector multivisor, native 4K, with a ultra fast frame rate.

The manufacturer will also show its range of Led screens for interior, with 120 Hz of intensity and innovative projectors DLP classified by their value in intervals of 1-chip and 3-chip, which guarantee a picture perfect that adapts to suit all tastes and budgets.

Thomas Motta photo Digital Projection Insight 4k Hfr 360

Progress in Imaging

Digital Projection will leverage global showcase that ISE to offer a 'snack' of your projector innovative Insight 4K HFR 360 Multi - View 3D. This three-dimensional projection of multiple view is achieved with ultra-fast speeds of image and high resolution 4K.

As already ahead digital AVthe aim is that a single projector fits several users so each of them see the image properly, even when changing from luga; so that they can view and interact in a truly shared and collaborative way.

The possibilities of this technology are almost endless. In addition to applications of visualization and virtual theme parks attractions, museums are another field that is geared to this innovative technology, where you can take a virtual tour through an old building or a realistic experience with a valuable item.

Thanks to the personalized and sharp vision for each user, everyone can follow explanations of the guide of the Museum from its own angle, since every detail is shown to each user from the correct perspective.

Digital Projection Insight Laser 8K

Brightness and performance

The Insight Laser 8K model is the first DLP projector with this technology and resolution available commercially with unique performance. With a resolution of 8K (7.680 × 4. 320p) 33 million pixels through 36,000 lumens of match lighting solid state laser, stars in one of the great innovations of Digital Projection.

This powerful projector is the best solution for medical, scientific visualization and immersive and powerful applications. In addition, you use DLP technology, it incorporates three chips 1.38 "DarkChip DMD and Digital Projection ColorMax to ensure accuracy and exceptional black levels.

Since projects of simulation and visualization that require resolution limited to the eye, up to audiovisual rooms of elite who require more immersive experience through images on a large scale, the Insight Dual Laser projector 8 K updated elevates of new industry performance standards, with an advanced laser light source, so that the stability of the image in the long term is warranted, and maintenance costs are almost zero.

Digital Projection Radiance Tile PerspectiveIntensity Led

ISE 2019 will also mean the return of current Digital Projection Led panels. With four densities in pixels (Radiance Led 1.2, 1.5, 1.9-2.5), the Black SMD Led range offers up to 1,000 nits of brightness, a contrast of 3000:1 and 120 Hz update rate.

With an expected life of 100.000 hours, the new Led's Digital Projection has been created with a 16:9 aspect ratio for images Full HD 1. 080p and Ultra-HD 4 K, making it an optimal solution for retail, rooms control, attractions, entertainment venues and for rent.

Digital Projection TitanTitan 4 33,000 Laser K-UHD

Digital Projection will show the latest version of Tital in this event, which will be used to create a surface projection of 7 meters wide, that are sure to surprise the visitors of its stand.

This model in particular is capable of producing 33,000 lumens with a relatively compact chassis, making it the ideal projector for large applications more demanding, in which it is essential that the images are bright and crisp.

It's a projector 3-Chip DLP wide connectivity, including DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT, with advanced electronics that supports processing HDR in projectors for large spaces, and includes features such as constant brightness control and the Art-Net DMX compatibility.

Titan Laser integrates features such as non-linear plot, geometric correction, the combination of edges, the image within the image, among others, as standard. Furthermore, its five year warranty, providing the user user enormous peace of mind when he embarks on a project in critical installations.

Digital Projection M-Vision Laser 21000M-Vision Laser 21000

This model of Digital Projection, whose advancement could be seen last year at InfoComm, offers an incredible level of 21,000 lumens output and a rate of contrast of 10.000:1, achieving a solution on a large scale for applications that cater to every budget, with a performance of almost 3-chip with the price of 1-chip.

This match laser, without lamp, projector integrates ColorBoost and Red Laser technologies to provide more realistic colors saturated, with levels that were previously impossible to imagine.

The spaces that need a powerful and large-format image, but adapting to the budget without sacrificing color accuracy, as well as those that are facing an intense ambient light will directly benefit from the ability to M-Vision 2100 power ia of light, contrast and viewing rate.

The DisplayPort input accepts speeds of up to 60 Hz image, while the HDMI 1.4b is perfect for blending, image compact and Top/Bottom 3D formats. Its motorized axis, zoom and focus for the entire lens offer additional flexibility and easy setup.

Digital Projection ISE 2018

Compact and reliable

Basado en el éxito de E-Vision Laser 10K, conocido por ser sólido, compacto y fiable, el nuevo E-Vision Laser 13000 WU se ha mejorado con la tecnología ColorBoost + Red Laser, además de con ópticas totalmente selladas, todo ello con una garantía de cinco años.

Haciendo uso del procesamiento de gráficos de los proyectores de 3-Chip, producto bandera de Digital Projection, el modelo E-Vision Laser 13000 se suministra como estándar con HDMI 1.4b, Display Port y conectividad HDBaseT, siendo compatible con señales 3D comerciales y domésticas.

Digital Projection ISE 2018

Despliegue y colaboración en el certamen

Las soluciones de Digital Projection no solo estarán presentes en su espacio en ISE 2019, como ha ocurrido en pasadas ediciones del certamen que se reflejan en las imágenes adjuntas, sino también en otros stands de la feria.

In particular, five projectors Titan Laser and two Insight 4 K Dual Laser will be present at the stand of AV Stumpfl (hall 1 - stand H5 and H10), while the space of Navitar (hall 2 - stand A90) will feature a HighLite Laser projector.

Al lado del espacio de de Digital Projection en RAI Ámsterdam, Stewart Filmscreen tendrá un equipo Insight Laser 8K (hall 1 – stand F50), mientras que la empresa de sistemas visuales dnp utilizará un E-Vision 11000 y un E-Vision 6900, que se combinarán con las pantallas SuperNova (hall 1 – stand E50).

Por otra parte, Dermot Quinn, director de tecnología y operaciones de Digital Projection, también hablará en la conferencia Blooloop sobre el futuro de la proyección en el mercado dedicado a atraer visitantes.

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