Suitable for both stand-alone solutions and tile configuration installations, this 55-inch display is ideal for a wide range of applications in shops, businesses, museums and fairs.

Planar and Leyar LookThru

Laird Y Planar han anunciado la pantalla LookThru, que aprovecha la última tecnología de diodos orgánicos emisores de luz transparente (OLED) para ofrecer un display transparente que no precisa retroiluminación ni cerramientos. Un equipo que será presentado en InfoComm 2019, which will open its doors on June 8.

The new LookThru Flat screen is based on the frameless glass design of the original version, allowing you to overlay digital content and images on real objects to create attractive installations.

Suitable for both stand-alone solutions and tile installations, the 55-inch display is ideal for a wide range of applications including retail, corporate displays, museums, prize and trophy display cases, and trade show shows.

Next-generation LookThru Planar allows users to display a single object behind a 55-inch screen or larger objects behind a tiled video wall.

Features of the new generation Planar LookThru:

Brilliant image quality. It offers vibrant colors that, with 120% NTCS, exceed the standards set by the National Television System Committee. It offers wide viewing angles with optimal contrast and shaftless brightness. With Full HD resolution, it also displays full motion graphics and video.

High-performance. It features DisplayPort and HDMI 4K connectivity at 60Hz that includes compliance with HDCP 2.2 content protection. The installations are fully controllable via RS-232, LAN and other control systems. It also supports major source routing and processing solutions.

High durability. It incorporates Planar Ero-OLED (Ruggedness and Optics) technology that uses a patented process to attach protective glass to the front surface of an OLED display.

The result is a highly durable viewing surface that can withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. Planar Ero-OLED also improves contrast, making content more readable and impactful to the user, even in bright public places.

Simple and easy setup. This display can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, mounted on table and ceilings, and built with custom accessories. It can also be tiled to create large video walls that attract attention using the DisplayPort video loop.

It is marketed fully assembled and ready to connect to a source, which makes setup fast and intuitive.

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By • 4 Jun, 2019
• Section: OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, ESP, Events