With this aim, it has opened an office of r & d in the Finnish city of Tampere, which is one of the five major world centres on innovation of moving images.


Scandit It has opened an office of r & d in Tempere (Finland) paa to strengthen its position in the market for machine vision and augmented reralidad. This is in addition to Zurich, Warsaw, London, Boston and San Francisco. In this international expansion is supported by GV (previously Google Ventures), NGP Capital, Atomico investors.

There are currently thousands of scanning services of mobile barcode technology Scandit, that run at more than 100 million mobile devices and captured billions of scans every year, with speeds of up to 480 scans per minute.

Scandit has begun to hire specialists in processing of moving images and machine learning for his office in Tampere that will work in the development of advanced technologies of mobile vision and augmented reality for large companies in industries such as retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing or healthcare.

Scandit in health care

Tampere is a leader in innovation for the mobile phone industry since the early 1990s and is strongly associated with the innovations in Imaging and camera of Nokia.

"Our new office in Tampere is an important addition to our engineering of Zurich and Warsaw teams, who are building the next generation of Scandit products based on artificial vision and augmented reality," explains Christof Roduner, Vice President of engineering, CIO of Scandit.

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By • 20 Jun, 2019
• Section: Business, Augmented reality, Simulation